Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring in the Garden - 2012, Part II

Building another garden plot, these pics were taken a few weeks ago when the SUN made an appearance.

Two of my babes happily playing in a load of top soil.

My little helping out Daddy with the 'manly' work.

Seeds, roots and plants eagerly waiting for some dirt to grow in.

A good mornings work.

So far we have about 3/4 of this area tilled and 11 rows planted and growing well.  However the rain has hindered any work.  I went to chase a chicken out of the garden a few days ago and sunk in mud over my ankles.  I had to dig out my shoes, wade back to safer land and hose myself off.

I sure hope it dries up soon so I can get the rest of my 'early' planting in.  June is coming and that is when the summer crops go in around here.

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