Friday, January 25, 2013

Have a Hobby??

One of my friends recently posted about one of their hobbies on facebook and I thought it was absolutely fabulous! I just love it.

Offgrid.cleversolutions writes of this piece....
One of my winter hobbies is miniatures. This has been one I been working on 3 years, almost well over 2000 hours on it and still much to do. Now everything on here is to scale 90 percent is from scratch other then the ship itself, was the only box kit.
This entire thing has all 12v lights in it all the gun ports. street lamps buildings have lights.

the pier post were just branches form twigs

man and best friend going fishing

this one prob one my faves guys playing checkers just taking life a bit easy

the steam donkey here the chimney was built from a door peep window the little gears were lighter strikers

his boat believe it or not is all cardboard except the figures

the ship alone is almost 4 feet long total

the ship is all double planked and timber framed cannons all brass still has lots of work .wife did stich up all the sales and i still have all the rigging 2 do
Isn't it great?

Offgrid.cleversolutions also runs a website Back to Basic with general homesteading, prepping info and forums.

What kind of hobbies do you have?  Can they be turned into a marketable skill?  

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