Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tobiah's Story

The picture above is the hand of a local woman's baby lost in utero at 16 weeks. She shared her story with us to pass along to all of you.

Here is our story.

On January 3, 2013 I went for my routine 16 week prenatal appointment. My nurse practitioner put the doppler on my belly but she could not get a heart beat. She was hoping it was just her. I was sent to the hospital to undergo a STAT ultrasound. By this point, my husband had joined me. He wasn't with me at my routine appointment because who would have thought that this would happen. We have 3 healthy children. The ultrasound technician proceeded with the ultrasound and just moments after the wand touched my belly my husband shook his head. He knew that our baby had passed. We had an awesome ultrasound technician who let us see our baby and what he looked like. That was the day we found out we were going to have a boy or at least that was the suspicion. She also printed out a beautiful profile picture for us. Within an hour, my nurse practitioner called my cell phone and confirmed what we had already observed....we had lost our baby. Our next step that same day, was to meet with the OB and discuss our options. We thought a D+C would be the most likely route. Our follow up appointment was for 1pm. Little did we know when speaking with the OB that we would have to deliver our baby. The plan was to show up at the hospital on Friday morning and start the process of induction. We asked the doctor to perform another ultrasound that morning because we were very pro life regardless of what we had seen. Plus, we know that God can work miracles.
We arrived at the hospital the next day, January 4th at 6am. I reminded that admitting nurse about our request to have another ultrasound prior to the induction. Our OB came in the room about 7:30am and repeated the ultrasound which reaffirmed that our son had passed. So the process of induction proceeded. Our minds were clear about our decision following that second ultrasound. Life is so precious to us and we believe that life begins at conception. We delivered our baby at 5:30pm and it was confirmed that we had a son. He fit in the palm of my husbands hand. When I finally got to hold him, I remember saying "I can't believe after looking at my son that there are people who believe he is not a life." Our son had five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. His eyes were slightly open. I had read that at 16 weeks the ear bones are forming and that a baby begins to hear. Was it possible that he had heard our voices with those tiny budding ears? We spent time holding and looking at our son. The CNA was able to get footprints so we could treasure them among our keepsakes. We named our sweet precious baby boy: Tobiah David, which means God is good and Beloved. Even though our hearts ache for a baby we will never know on this earth, we rejoice in the fact we will know him in heaven .
Isaiah 49:1 "Before I was born the LORD called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name."

I have attached a photo of Tobiah's hand on my husbands index finger.


First shared by Pregnancy Help Center Kent County, Delaware

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