Friday, June 7, 2013

Refuse, Resist, Renew - Michael Bunker's Single EBook Silo Archipelago Available

This great series is finally completed, much to the joy and satisfaction of Bunker's fans. THANK YOU!!!

I had never read Hugh Howey's Wool. But the silo did not need much explanation to understand what was happening to Leah, and her family and friends. Censorship of the written word is a well known and common concept in any tyrannical society. And within that oppressive state, we know that there will always be those men and women who will press forward anyway, knowing that liberty of thought and action is necessary for true survival. After all, life without hope and dreams.... is hardly life.

As we follow Leah through the silo we learn the many integral parts to the 'rebellion'. As bibliophiles, we can relate as we see a character receive a long awaited book and their eyes fill with tears as they recount a childhood memory of reading with their family. We feel the awe as she finds a shelf covered in books. We reconsider the value of a BOOK as we learn the efforts, both labor and love, that go into making one piece of paper. And the words.....

The whole series is an easy read, taking only an hour or two for each installment. But once you've finished you will find it bouncing around in your mind. What led to the Silo's strict and tyrannical censorship? How does it compare to our own lives? What would we do in their position? In a world where the written word is censored and even outlawed, which book would you long to preserve and share with your children? Which words would you desire to remember to pass on to those who do not have the plethora that we do now?

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