Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 10th, The Wick Omnibus BOOK BOMB!

Buy this GREAT read on Amazon August 10th!  Since Michael Bunker is self published, it helps tremendously when we agree to purchase on one day, boosting the sales record on that day and skyrocketing the book in the online search engines with Amazon, giving him greater exposure to those who are unwittingly searching for EXACTLY this book.

I absolutely promise you that you will enjoy it and you will NOT know what is going to happen next.

Surprising twists and turns that will leave you chewing on it for weeks to come.

As many of my readers know I have read much of Michael Bunkers work; his books, his blog, his sermons, his radio programhis facebook, his twitter, (lol I am NOT a stalker.... seems I have had to say that before). But I STILL had no idea what was going to happen next.

This 4 in 1 book set shares with you the complete WICK series.  It begins with a man who has chosen to leave his city life and crowds of people and on the edge of collapse system behind.  His efforts to find freedom for his life and soul from invisible chains and demons.  What he finds will challenge you on many levels.  As we journey through this systemic collapse situation, we meet characters that are so diverse and multi faceted.  We get to see it from so many perspectives and it trudges forward regardless of our efforts to shore it up.  We look around our world and wonder... is this a glimpse into our future?

It reminded me very strongly of a KEY point made in another of Bunker's books, Surviving Off Off Grid.  Not to spoil the plot too much here, but there are people in this story who die.  In a collapse scenario, we would all have to face death more... personally.  Of course our goal is to SURVIVE.  But what does it mean to survive?  Does it mean to continue living in chains?  Does it mean to continue a meager subsistence where each breath is filled with fear, regret, and pain?

Or does it mean to LIVE FULLY without fear and with the strong encouraging support of faith, hope, and love?

In the event that troubled times come upon us, do you really just want to 'live through it' or be able to stand tall and strong until that choice is taken from you?

We find that 'survival' at all costs is not what we desire after all.... which brings a certain amount of liberty just in the realization.

Amazon Description.....
This is the complete WICK Omnibus Edition, and includes the completely re-edited and expanded text of Michael Bunker and Chris Awalt's four, bestselling WICK series books.

"...beautiful and haunting..."
"...Tolstoyan, and beautiful..."
"...positively anarchic..."

In WICK 1... a man walked out of New York City after Hurricane Sandy and fell off the edge of the earth...
In WICK 2: Charm School... a mysterious town explodes in violence and America is dealt a deadly blow...
In WICK 3: Exodus... the world is without power. You are on foot and have no home. Any stranger you meet may kill you... and normal is never coming back...
In WICK 4: One Word of Truth... Weeks after the world has been crippled by massive EMP attacks, nuclear weapons are used on major cities, and survivors grapple with a changed world that will never be the same again.

In this much anticipated WICK Omnibus Edition, Michael Bunker's completed WICK series is finally bound into one earth-shattering novel.

What others have said....
"Michael Bunker goes way beyond writing a popular thriller: he clearly has a literary agenda, making the W1CK series so rich and so deep you could analyse each and every page and write a whole book about it. I guess you'd have to call it W1CK1P3D1A." ~ Max Zaoui, Everyone's a Critic Reviews 

"Michael Bunker is the sort of writer you read compulsively not because his books are thrilling (they are) or because his prose is elegant (it is) but because, like a tribal storyteller, he weaves intoxicating tales that elevate your mind and transport your soul to another place altogether." ~ Jason Gurley, Bestselling Author of Greatfall

Some other great books by Michael Bunker.


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