Thursday, November 14, 2013

Homeschool Lesson Plan - Helen Keller

Ducksters - Short Biography of Helen Keller

Helen Keller Kids Museum - Featuring Numerous Photos and Videos

Actual Video of Helen Keller

Dramatization Movie - Miracle Worker


1. Have an adult gently insert ear plugs into your ears and speak to you quietly.  You may still be able to hear them, but for this lesson, preferably not.  How would you be able to understand what they are trying to communicate without hearing their words?  Do you know sign language?  Can you read lips?

2.  Remove the earplugs and have an adult tie a cloth over your eyes so that you cannot see.  Try walking around your own home, inside and maybe outside, with an adult supervising you for safety.  Do you know your own living space well enough to get around without too many bumps?  What could you do or use to enable safer travelling?  What special difficulties arise as you leave the relative safety of your home and go to the grocery store or the park?

3.  While keeping the blindfold over your eyes, have an adult insert the ear plugs back in simulating the world of a person who is deaf AND blind.  How does this affect your ability to walk around inside your home?  How does this affect your ability to understand and communicate with others around you?

4.  Now remember that Helen Keller lost her ability to see and hear at age 1 and a half.  A baby really.  Yet, with help and her own enduring perseverance, Helen learned to speak, read lips by touch, read and type braille, graduated school including college, wrote her life story and even did charity work for the deaf and blind, and for injured military veterans.


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