Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Raising Pet Rabbits, Fur Babies

We were recently gifted with some little bundles of fur.

A female Belted Dutch Rabbit. Beautiful black and white, true to her breed.  She is very soft.  She is friendly and inquisitive.  She has many white hairs interspersed in her black and I believe this means she is not 'show worthy'.  But she is beautiful to me.

And a male Mini Rex Rabbit with Californian coloring.  They called him a Mini Californian, but that is not a 'recognized' breed.  He has that amazing rex fur that makes you just want to bury your face in him.  Fortunately, he doesn't mind this type of treatment.

They were both young, but healthy, mature, little rabbits and they were so very friendly.  So I had begun my research on breeding and raising pet rabbits.

My son on the other hand believes in "Learning by Doing" and put the male in with the female before I was quite ready.  Fortunately she was receptive and didn't beat him up.  And 29 days later....

Right now they are living in good sized cages (for minis) over old totes to catch their valuable wastes that will go in the gardens.  But I am working on building a sturdy permanent home for them.  There are SOOOOO many choices!!

Right now I plan to build an outdoor large hutch that sits over a composting pile.  And then to work on a moveable or permanent outdoor pen.

I read that they are also easy to litter train and make great indoor pets.

But for now, entering spring and summer, I am happy to provide them an outdoor home and watch them grow.

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