Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 26th, 2014 - Ima's 1st Kits Are Ready For New Homes

Our first batch of rabbits are grown and almost ready for their new homes.  Ima did such a wonderful job raising her babies.  She is a sweet girl and a good mama.

This was a homeschooling project for my eldest son.  My son has had an enjoyable time learning about rabbits and their care.  He has been learning the diligence necessary for an animals daily care and needs.

He has also taken the time to figure out the costs of building their home, feeding them and buying their necessary supplies.  And from that he has determined how much to charge to continue caring for them and raising future bunnies.  It has been a great learning experience for us.


6 dwarf rabbits. Will be 6 weeks old and available Wednesday, March 26th. They have been raised by their mama, eating hay, pellets, fodder and other veggies, grass and weeds.

3 Black with white front paws, Males.
1 Black with white spot on nose. Male.
2 Solid Black. Female. PENDING REHOMING

Mama is a Black Belted Dutch. Daddy is a Mini Rex. None of the babies have rex fur though. Will be 4-5lbs when full grown.

They are friendly and eat out of our hands. Used to children, do not mind being held. Very sweet and curious.

$6 rehoming fee. Located in Winlock/Toledo area.

Mama Watching Over Her Babies. <3

Solid Black with White Front Paws. Male. $6

Solid Black with White Front Paws. Male. $6

Solid Black with White Spot on Nose (white back toe?). Male. $6

Babies enjoying some sunshine and grass with their mama.

Solid Black with White Front Paws. Male. $6

Solid Black, NO White. Female. Pending Sale.

Solid Black, No White. Female. Pending Sale.

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