Thursday, September 22, 2016

Homeschool Unit Study - Paint Nite Your Way!

A new fad is making the rounds called Paint Nite!  For adults only, $45 per person, you can go out, drink wine, and paint a fun painting with step by step instructions.  It makes a great date night activity if you would enjoy such an entertainment.

But I know my kids would LOVE this kind of experience too!  So why not provide this kind of event at your place, kid friendly, affordable and simple fun.  Invite the neighbors or some of your local homeschoolers.

Pair up this fun activity with Chocolate Milk, Fruit Smoothies, Green Machine Naked Juice.  WHATEVER!

The supplies are simple and if you partner with another parent or two, the cost can be shared and be pretty minimal.  Or, if you or your kids REALLY like painting you can stock up and still get a good stock of supplies for an affordable price.

Some of the painting supplies that you may need...
These can be used again and again.
They come in a variety of sizes, in packs or singly.  They are easy to hang and/or frame.

This pack has 5 of each size.  You may need more or less, or have some lying around your house already.
Royal Brush RCVP-101 Taklon Hair Classroom Value Pack, Assorted Size (Pack of 30) Price: $18.18

You could also use paper plates, egg cartons, or muffin tins.

You can buy single colors, or sets.  Buy the larger bottles for larger groups, or if you will be doing this often.

Paint Nite Tutorials for Several Paintings

Bob Ross

Free Art Lessons - How To Paint with Acrylic Paints

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