Monday, December 7, 2020

Free Kindle Book, Today Only

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A romantic, thrilling, and suspenseful look at childhood trauma and the hope of true salvation. When John's  life falls apart, he runs in exactly the wrong direction, starting an avalanche of consequence for more than just him.
A beautiful story of love, sacrifice, and redemption when we think all is lost.
The Lost Son Trilogy

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Free to purchase Kindle edition til Friday!!

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Long ago there was no Sanctuary and no real understanding of Elohim. But people began to hear words and see visions from Him. Scattered across the world people were being called to serve Him. They gathered and were given gifts. Gifts of Service, gifts of Healing, Gifts of Seeing, and Gifts of Speaking. Elohim led them to this valley. Elohim showed them visions of a city with a wall, farmlands, shops, a river and children playing in safety. He showed them a temple where they could grow and worship together. Then he showed them how to build this great city called Sanctuary.

But now an enemy comes to destroy the City of Sanctuary and all of its people. For generations they have lived out peaceful lives of praise and service. How can they stand against an army intent on killing every last one of them?

One girl is told that she will lead Sanctuary to victory. But she can’t even stand up for herself. How could she possibly save all the people of God?