Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Hanukkah!

Dedicated to YHWH?

Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah.

On this night we light the lights, which every night remind us of the servant of YHWH LIGHTING THE WORLD one soul at a time.

We then pray over our children, our spouse, our doors and windows, our home as a whole and the property within our gates.  We consecrate each with pure olive oil.  Dedicating them to the service of YHWH and requesting His perfect guidance and protection over each.

Do you observe the Feast of Dedication?  Do you consecrate your home and children?  Do you dedicate and SET THEM APART for YHWH?

I assure you that there are 'others' who want your childrens hearts and minds.  Decide NOW if your household belongs to YHWH ALONE!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thy Word is a Lamp - Happy Hanukkah!

As we begin our celebration of Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication, tonight... THIS VERSE sums it up. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." YHWH's word is a guide of pure LIGHT. DELIGHT IN IT! REJOICE IN IT! Be strengthened and encouraged and challenged and corrected by it!

And don't ever let anyone take it from you.

In America, on a personal scale, we still have the freedom to read what we choose, gather as we choose, believe what we choose. We aren't LIKED for it, and that's ok.

Remember that in other countries, and in the past, believers face real persecution for their faith in the Law of YHWH and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Put on your spiritual armor daily, gird your loins with the strength of the word and PRAY for believers around the world. TODAY, some are in chains, some are in pain, some are in fear, some are in need.

He is making pure, refined oil, which lit the lights in the temple. And WE TOO will be tested. Get in the word and submit to it BEFORE the trials come. Or you will find that you lack the strength to stand.

John Michael Talbot singing Psalm 62

My stronghold my Savior
I shall not be afraid at all
My stronghold my Savior
I shall not be moved
Only in God is my soul at rest
In Him comes my salvation

Verse 1
Only in God is my soul at rest
In Him comes my salvation
He only is my Rock
My strength and my salvation

Verse 2
Only in God is found safety
When my enemy pursues me
Only in God is found glory
When I am found meek and found lowly

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why I Stopped Listening to Conspiracy Theories

One Day Ministries teacher speaks about our focus and distractions from the word.

I personally have spent far too much time looking at the enemy and his goings on, his lies, his rabbit trails.
I know it.  I repent and apologize to any who were led down the same path.

Now I'm digging in the word alone and encourage all to focus THERE.

The Word and the Word Made Flesh is where there is ABUNDANT LIFE. We will have tribulation in this life, but still we have the promise of ABUNDANT LIFE. Stand firm IN THE WORD and when we come to THE DAY, we will not have to be ashamed, but be able to rejoice.

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Prayers and Thanksgiving for Upcoming Hanukkah!

This coming weekend marks the beginning of Hanukkah this year! Such an important history lesson, and reminder to dedicate our homes and family to YHWH. Such a blessed time with family.

And who DOESN'T love fried potato latkes!?!?!  Delicious!  Really looking forward to it.

Special thanks and blessings to Mike and Diane Hamilton​ and Tracy Hamilton​ for welcoming us to their celebrations and to in our heart for the whole word.

Love and prayers for all our mispacha around the world who like us are trying to sort between the commandments of YHWH and traditions of men.  For those who are near, Lorinda Mae Lane Silliman​, JasonandTracy McClure​, and those who are far off, Pam Staley​, An American Homestead​, Kendra Homestead-Girl​, 119 Ministries ~ Test Everything​, Passion For Truth Ministries​ and so many, many others.

And love and prayers also to those who love us just the way we are and have made such efforts to meet us as we travel this journey. Marcia Medlin-Moen​, Vanessa de Bruyn​ and Roxanna Huff​ and many others.

Certainly blessed, blessed, blessed in our family and friends.  May YHWH bless you and keep you.  YHWH make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. YHWH lift up His countenance upon you and give you SHALOM!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Who Is The Bride of Christ - Passion For Truth Ministries

Excellent teaching on the Bride of Christ.

What does the Bible say about The Bride of Christ?

This word will CHALLENGE YOU no matter WHERE you are in your walk!

We are not prepared for that day. We MUST buckle down and become the people that he will welcome into that inner chamber to KNOW Him.

Thanking YHWH that He has tarried to give us more time to prepare ourselves for that great day!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chuck Baldwin on Christians/Islam/Syria

I bet the vast majority of readers have never heard nor read about the fact that Christians and Muslims are fighting side-by-side against ISIS in Syria, have you? You haven’t read that NO ONE in the West or in Israel is helping the Assyrian Christian Army in Syria, have you? You haven’t heard that Iran is helping to provide medical assistance and support to the Christians fighting ISIS in Syria, have you? You haven’t heard that Assad’s army in Syria is assisting the Christians in their fight against ISIS, have you? No, you haven’t. The U.S. media and Washington politicians don’t want to tell you about that. It might undermine the anti-Muslim, anti-Iran, anti-Syria propaganda that they have been dishing out 24/7 for the last fourteen years.
Then there is this: the first thing the president of France did following the terrorist attacks in Paris was to close the French borders. DUH! I think the fox is already in the henhouse.

Folks, let’s get real: if it wasn’t for Donald Trump, there would not even be a national discussion about America’s illegal immigration problem. However, the one disturbing element to Trump’s rhetoric regarding immigration is his statements that, as president, he would seriously consider closing mosques.

Again, Islam is NOT the problem. We have had mosques in the United States since at least 1929. And there are nearly 3,200 mosques currently in the United States. And none of them has been identified as producing terrorist attacks in America. The terrorists that did participate in the attacks on 9/11 were not even from the United States. They were from SAUDI ARABIA. If we were going to attack a Muslim nation in retaliation for 9/11, why didn’t we attack Saudi Arabia? Come on, folks. Are things not starting to add up?

Either we have freedom of religion for all or we have it for none. The problem with the rise of Islam in America can only be laid at the doorstep of the Christian Church. If our pastors and churches were doing the job they should be doing of making Christianity relevant to life today (including our political life), the American people would not be losing interest in Christianity, and the spiritual void that other religions (including Islam) are filling would not even exist. THAT problem is NOT an immigration problem or a political problem at all. THAT problem is a spiritual problem. And only our pastors and churches can solve that problem, but they refuse to do it.

Plus, America’s churches are more glorified social clubs than they are anything else. Far, far too many of America’s pastors are more concerned about being politically-correct CEOs or Joel Osteen wannabes than they are about being watchmen and shepherds. It has been a long, long time since a majority of America’s churches were a “pillar and ground of the truth.” (I Tim. 3:15) The rise of false religions is merely God’s judgment on the Church for abandoning truth. When truth is abandoned, does it really matter which version of error takes its place? Christians need to look themselves in the mirror and stop blaming the country’s ills on Muslims.

If a president can close mosques, he can close synagogues and churches. Talk about opening Pandora’s Box!

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Unity in the Last Days!

We have ONE SHEPHERD!  And He is coming back.
Stop looking for the brambles to rule over us!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Personal & Family Survival

Personal & Family Survival:

In 1966 the US Department of Defense published the “Personal and Family Survival Manual” which included a chapter which explained how to build the family fallout shelter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Prep of the Day - Healing Salves

Prep of the Day - Healing Salves

Healing Salve and Vapo Salve

Cayenne Salve

I use these in my home, on myself and my children, frequently.  Diaper rash, small scrapes and cuts, bruises, muscle aches, arthritis, stuffy noses, and coughs.  I know exactly what is in them and can deal with many of these smaller issues with no trouble.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Homeschool Unit Study - The Great Depression

Major Online Overviews of The Great Depression

Basic Timeline of Events of The Great Depression


PBS Presentation: The Great Depression

Sound Clips of Interviews With Several People from The Great Depression

Images of The Great Depression

Additional Articles and Blogs Describing The Great Depression

Recipes from the Depression Era


Coloring Pages

Online Quizzes for Children

Comparisons to Today

Some History Books that are PERFECT for the Homeschooling Family

The Story of the World Books 1-4

Veritas Press History Cards

Misc Children's History Books

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Scripture artwork that you can use to decorate your pages, homes, and hearts with.

Timely biblical teachings and new articles related to biblical topics and events.

Share with friends. Uplift your daily walk.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Beyond the Shemitah | Jonathan Cahn

Were They Ashamed??

Jeremiah 6:15
Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the Lord.

Jeremiah 6, in full context, is speaking to a nation that commits abomination after abomination and does them OPENLY with no shame.

Just looking at the news lately.....

Cutting up babies and selling their body parts for $$ - People don't care

Giving weapons and training to rebels who eat the heart of their christian enemies - People don't care

Providing children and a 'safe' location for men to rape little boys - People don't care

Entire businesses built to assist men to cheat on their wives - People don't care

There is probably more.... but what kind of world do we live in that THIS is not damning enough?

Last week was Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. On that day, the High Priest was to choose two goats. One as a sacrifice to YHWH and one to pour the sins of the ENTIRE NATION upon. Studying reveals that Yahshua Jesus filled the roles of Priest, Sacrifice and the Scapegoat, taking away the sin of His people.

Did our nation observe this day? Did our nation confess their sins? Did our nation MOURN over their sins?

NO. What was once done in darkness and secret has been brought out into the open, exposed.

Job 12:22
He uncovers deep things out of darkness,
And brings the shadow of death to light.

Luke 8:17
For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.

Ephesians 5:12-13
For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. 13 But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.

And still, People don't care. Their hearts have been hardened. They refuse to bend their head, let alone their knee.

YHWH goes on in Jeremiah 6: 16 and 17
Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken.

Begging the people to listen, to turn back.....

Are we destined to follow the same path as that of Ancient Israel?

Jeremiah 6:18-30
18 Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what is among them.
19 Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it.
20 To what purpose cometh there to me incense from Sheba, and the sweet cane from a far country? your burnt offerings are not acceptable, nor your sacrifices sweet unto me.
21 Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will lay stumblingblocks before this people, and the fathers and the sons together shall fall upon them; the neighbour and his friend shall perish.
22 Thus saith the Lord, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised from the sides of the earth.
23 They shall lay hold on bow and spear; they are cruel, and have no mercy; their voice roareth like the sea; and they ride upon horses, set in array as men for war against thee, O daughter of Zion.
24 We have heard the fame thereof: our hands wax feeble: anguish hath taken hold of us, and pain, as of a woman in travail.
25 Go not forth into the field, nor walk by the way; for the sword of the enemy and fear is on every side.
26 O daughter of my people, gird thee with sackcloth, and wallow thyself in ashes: make thee mourning, as for an only son, most bitter lamentation: for the spoiler shall suddenly come upon us.
27 I have set thee for a tower and a fortress among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way.
28 They are all grievous revolters, walking with slanders: they are brass and iron; they are all corrupters.
29 The bellows are burned, the lead is consumed of the fire; the founder melteth in vain: for the wicked are not plucked away.
30 Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the Lord hath rejected them.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

God Took This Man To the End of America-What He Saw Will Shake You To th...

His description of the 'Involuntary Repentence Retreat' gave me chills. I want to avoid that one and if you do too...... REPENT NOW!
The best time is always right now.
Humble ourselves, lay down our 'lives' and our wants and let YHWH be Almighty God in our life.
WHATEVER He wants is the only answer.

Friday, September 11, 2015

How Fragile We Are....

9/11/2001 is a day to remember how fragile we are and how quickly life can change. I don't care about conspiracies or who you think did it. As we live here waiting on the day when we can go home to the Covenant Land, We are commanded to pray for our nation. Our nation in which we prosper and grow in faith and knowledge of the Most High. As the forces of terror and evil, both spritual and human, bear down on us as their time grows short, remember those who were lost this day.

Remember that on this day 14 years ago, thousands of people went into Eternity to either face blessings or curses as they passed under our Shepherd's crook. Do not let the strongholds within you see another sunset. Give thanks to YHVH for today because in this day, you can cry out in repentance and be saved. I have been beyond blessed to be born in this country and while I live here, I will do what the Prophet Jeremiah commanded us to do:

"Seek the welfare of the city to which I have caused you to go in exile, and pray to Adonai on its behalf; for your welfare is bound up in its welfare.’" Jeremiah 29:7

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

God's Prophetic Calendar - Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets

Don't miss YHWH's Prophetic Appointments!

The Feast of Trumpets, The Day of Atonement, The Festival of Tabernacles are all coming in this month of September.

BE THERE! REJOICE in the Word of our beautiful, beloved messiah Yahshua Jesus!!

If you aren't studying the feasts, you are MISSING prophecy, you are MISSING huge pieces of His Love Story for YOU. And if you aren't studying and observing the feasts, the word says YOU will be in darkness and His coming will be like a thief in the night to you.

Be the maidens with their lamps FILLED WITH OIL AND READY!

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Word For Martha, A Word For Me...


There are many of you that I have called on to make your home a safe place for My wounded sheep to gather and be healed. You are worried and concerned about how your house looks. You make a big deal about dust and dirt that has collected, and striving to get everything perfect, you often suffer from anxiety robbing your peace and joy just before people arrive. You must change your priorities because it is of key importance that your spiritual house is clean and neat, but I could care less about your physical house. I was not brought up in a barn, but I started out in a barn. I slept wherever I could and slept even on the ground at times, with no place to lay My head! Matthew 8:20 A little physical dirt never bothered Me.

One day I was speaking at a home meeting at Mary and Martha's house and Martha started to irritate Me! She was running around the house, complaining about Mary not helping her prepare food, or clean up the hair balls, and dust. Mary could have cared less, because she had chosen to make sure her spiritual house was clean, which is all I'm interested in. I finally had to say to Martha, "you are worried and troubled about many things:  But there is only one thing that you really need to be working on: and Mary has chosen it, she has placed all her effort in cleaning and filling her spiritual house, which shall not be taken away from her." Luke 10:41-42

The religious people of My time had their houses spotless on the outside, but their spiritual houses within were full of dead men's bones, and full of all uncleanness." Matthew 23:27 By the way, they were also the ones that ended up crucifying Me! I could care less if I meet you and those My Father is rescuing, in a barn, or a mansion, as long as your heart is full of love! Never let the condition of your physical house determine where I can meet and heal those My Father is drawing. You are required to make sure your spiritual house is a safe place where people are loved, accepted and fed and I will do the rest! So forget about your physical house and concentrate on "having fervent love among yourselves: for love shall cover the multitude of sins. and always use hospitality one to another without complaining"  1 Peter 4:8-9

This word is for all who believe, not just home meeting hosts!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Surviving the Coming Crises

Surviving the Coming Crises - Online permaculture course, Designing Your Way To Abundance by Geoff Lawton

This is a free course.  Sign up with your email and watch at your leisure.  It shows you simple steps from choosing a property or changing your own property to a sustainable, edible landscape.

The Gospel in Biblical Names and Their Meanings

Man (has) appointed mortal sorrow, (but) the Blessed Elohiym shall come down teaching, (and) His (Yeshua's) death - shall bring the despairing rest (Salvation). (Adam thru Noah -

Shem..............The fame of
Arphaxad.........Babylon's fortress, but I will make babylon fade away ! sorrow
Shelah.............extend like a plant
Eber................beyond the place of
Peleg...............division (at the Tower of babel)
Reu.................A friend
Serug..............(also) branches out,
Terah..............with fury !
Abraham/Abram...A glorious father - father of a multitude,
Jacob/ he outwits (his enemy) - A mighty Prince sees Elohim
Levi.................(then) joins himself to assembly
Amram............a glorious people
Moses..............(whom) He (Yeshua) rescued,
Gershom..........stranger (s) in a strange land,
Shebuel............captives delivered by Elohiym ! who praise YHWH (the Adonay)
Perez................breaks open a way (into) area surrounded by a wall
Ram.................of great height.
Amminadab......O' my people who belong to the Prince (Yeshua),
Nahshon...........a Prophet
Boaz.................with Strength,
Obed................Who serves (YHWH), here ! well-loved,
Rehoboam........and Who sets the people free.
Abijah..............My Father is YHWH,
Asa..................the healer of
Jehoshaphat......Him whom YHWH judged
Jehoram...........and whom YHWH raised up !
Ahaziah............YHWH took hold (of me)
Joash...............and YHWH is Strong !
Amaziah...........Mighty is YHWH !
Uzziah..............My Strength is in YHWH !
Jotham.............YHWH is Perfect !
Ahaz................I took hold of
Hezekiah...........the strength of YHWH.
Manasseh..........It made (me) forget (my misery).
Amon...............Truly (I am) the Master builder
Josiah...............Whom YHWH healed,
Jehoiakim/Eliakim.....Whom YHWH Elohim raised up,
Jeconiah............Whom YHWH appointed,
Jehoiachim........and will uphold !
Shealtiel............I have asked Elohim about
Pedaiah.............the ransomed of the Adonay,
Zerubbabel........the exiles who are in babylon.
Abiud................My Father is Glorious !
Eliakim..............My Elohim will raise up
Azor.................a helper,
Zadok...............the just (one)
Akim................will YHWH raise up !
Eliud.................My Elohim is my praise !
Eleazar..............Elohim will help !
Matthan.............May the gift of
Joseph..............increase (in greatness) !
Emmanuel.........For Elohiym is with us, Yeshua the Messiah - Savior of
Ecclesia (Kehillah)..those called out of (babylon).

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jonathan Cahn: What happened to the Pergamon Throne of Satan?
"In 1878, the German engineer Carl Humann began official excavations on the acropolis of Pergamon, an effort that lasted until 1886. The excavation was undertaken in order to rescue the altar friezes and expose the foundation of the edifice. Later, other ancient structures on the acropolis were brought to light. Upon negotiating with the Turkish government (a participant in the excavation), it was agreed that all frieze fragments found at the time would become the property of the Berlin museums.
Karl Humann's 1881 plan of the Pergamon acropolis
In Berlin, Italian restorers reassembled the panels comprising the frieze from the thousands of fragments that had been recovered. In order to display the result and create a context for it, a new museum was erected in 1901 on Berlin's Museum Island. Because this first Pergamon Museum proved to be both inadequate and structurally unsound, it was demolished in 1909 and replaced with a much larger museum, which opened in 1930. This new museum is still open to the public on the island. Despite the fact that the new museum was home to a variety of collections beyond the friezes (for example, a famous reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon), the city's inhabitants decided to name it the Pergamon Museum for the friezes and reconstruction of the west front of the altar. The Pergamon Altar is today the most famous item in the Berlin Collection of Classical Antiquities, which is on display in the Pergamon Museum and in the Altes Museum, both of which are on Berlin's Museum Island.
It was announced that on September 29th, 2014 the Pergamon Exhibit will be closed for the duration of 5 years for a complete remodeling of the exhibit hall, including but not limited to construction of a new glass ceiling and a new climate control system. The exhibit is scheduled to reopen in late 2019 or early 2020."

Washington A Man of Prayer 2015 - Jonathan Cahn's message

Jonathan Cahn: 2 times 7 Cows appeared in America like in Pharaoh's Egypt

Monday, April 6, 2015

Counting the Omer - Memory Verses

Today is day 2 of counting the Omer. From the Feast of First Fruits (Israel came out of the Red Sea, Yahshua was Resurrected) to Shavuot (giving of the Laws of YHWH on Mt Sinai and the giving of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost [which means count of 50]) we are to bring a daily offering (omer being a unit of measurement) from the harvest to wave in joy before YHWH. What is YOUR harvest?

Here are some memory verses that I go over with my kids to help them hide the scriptures in their hearts. How do you observe this joyful and expectant, set apart time?

La Soñador ~: Counting the Omer - Memory Verses

Friday, April 3, 2015

Doc Marquis -- The True Origins of Easter

"Almost two-thousand years ago, because of HIS love for you and me, Jesus Christ willingly went to the cross and died the most agonizing death possible. HIS love for us would not be restrained.... Most people will also refer to this day as “Easter”, however, what most people do not realize is that “Easter” has nothing to do with “Resurrection Sunday”."

Doc Marquis -- The True Origins of Easter

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Mystery of Melchizedek Solved!

"Notice that Melchizedek was king of Salem. That is the city of Jerusalem. "Salem" comes from the Hebrew word meaning "peace." That would make Melchizedek the "King of Peace" (Hebrews 7:2). The Hebrew name Melchizedek itself means "King of Righteousness" (Hebrews 7:2)."

The Mystery of Melchizedek Solved!

The Passover Song HQ / Take Away Show / Sean Carter + Caroline Cobb

Next week we will be keeping the Passover.  Here is a beautiful song that reminds us of our beloved Messiah, Yahshua, THE Passover Lamb.

"Nothing but the blood" can save.  When judgement comes, are you under the blood?
Do you even know what that means?
Are you consecrated, your heart, your mind, your soul?
 Are your mouth and your eyes?
Are the doors of your home and your family?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Off Grid Rototiller/Cultivator

Posted by Haber Ay on Monday, March 23, 2015

Video can be seen here if not shown above....

Paratus Familia Blog: Our Large American Life

"Now is the time to leave your large American life behind.  Learn to live with less.  Use what you have.  Be the one to make bad situations better.  Fortify your relationships. Know God and seek His will.  Build on those things that cannot be taken from you - faith, skills, courage, discipline, honor. "

Paratus Familia Blog: Our Large American Life

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mark Biltz-"Decoding The Imminent Heavenly Signs"

God's Word To Us Right Now: Perilous Times - A Must Hear. Please Forward.

"Be ready in season and out of season."  Her testimony especially at that point is just powerful.  Bringing the peace of Yahshua to others in the MIDST of her suffering.  Beautiful.

To see more of Evangelist Anita Fuentes go to

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bought: A Comprehensive Vaccine & GMO Documentary

Including another link to this documentary because I think they are offering free viewing on the main site for a limited time only.

Free Viewing of Bought Movie

What is Behind Vaccines, GMO's and Big Pharma?  Featuring exclusive interviews with the world's most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health.

Free Viewing of Bought Movie

Hebrew Origins of the Aaronic Blessing- T'shuva Ministries

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kent Hovind Verdict Is In - What You Can Do Now

This morning at 10:30 the Jury concluded their deliberation. Around 11:15 the verdict was read before the court.

4 counts were brought against Kent Hovind. Three counts of Mail Fraud and one count of Criminal Contempt of Court.

Count 1 Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict
Count 2 Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict
Count 3 Criminal Contempt of Court - Guilty
Count 4 Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict

The Criminal Contempt of Court count contained two different charges. One charge was from a 2012 order and the other from a 2007 ruling from Judge Rodgers. Kent was not found guilty on the 2012 charge but was found guilty on the 2007 charge. This count was from the original 2007 case when Judge Rodgers forfeited Kent Hovind's interest in the property. The order did not restrict Kent from presenting filings to question this decision; therefore, Kent's attorney asked the Judge to rule that there were not enough facts presented to the jury to find Kent guilty of that verdict. The Judge said that she would take that under advisement.

Thomas Keith, Kent's attorney said that in a Federal Case it is rare to see anything other than a guilty verdict. While he would still like the Judge to find that there was not enough evidence presented on the Contempt of Court charge and overturn the verdict, this is considered a huge success.
On the one guilty charge, if Judge Rodgers does not overturn it, there is no limit to the penalty that she can impose. Please pray that she would show leniency during the sentencing.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 12, 2015.

For those of you who would like to help, here are a few things you can do.

1. Pray:
- Kent's Attorney is attempting to get Kent out of the county jail and back into a federal facility.
- That the Government will not continue to pursue the three counts that the Jury was unable to come to a verdict on.
- That the Gospel through the Creation Message would be spread with amazing effectiveness around the world.

2. Write a letter:
- If you would like to write a letter to the Judge on Kent's behalf. The letter should be addressed to the Judge and could have some of the following...

Dear Judge Rodgers,
Why you are supportive of Kent Hovind
Why you think he has spent enough time in prison.
Why having Kent Hovind out of prison would be a blessing.
Positive Qualities you see in Kent Hovind.

There is no need to address the charges or what your thoughts are on the governments decision to prosecute Kent Hovind.

Send the letter to the following address:
Attorney Thomas Keith
Blount Building, 2nd Floor
3 W Garden Street, Suite 200
Pensacola, FL 32502

3. Help spread Kent's favorite topic far and wide.
- Kent's seminars can still be viewed for free at You can post these and other articles and videos all over to help people run into the truth!
- Creation Resources to give to others are ready and waiting to be used as ammo. You should give some to a skeptic friend.

4. Promote Creation Ministries.
Creation is foundational to having a proper worldview. There are many Creation Ministries around the world who are standing on the front lines every day. They need your support. If you would like to support the Creation Message, Kent would be very grateful. We have set up a fund specifically for promoting Creation Ministries at Creation Today. If you would like to be a part of that, please call 877-479-3466 or visit

We are currently serving more than 35 other Creation Ministries in order to bring more synergy to the Creation Movement. Dad would be proud! :)

As always, Thank you for your prayers.

Eric Hovind
Shared At

Kent Hovind Jury Deliberations Have Been Announced

Would you call 911 on another parent? - The Washington Post

A great article on what VILLAGE should have meant to us.  We have lost the sense of community and mutual responsibility for the safety of everyone around us.  Now we can delegate responsibility to courts, lawyers, and cops, while we cast judgement.  We don't step up and offer a helping hand.  But we sure are quick to throw the first stone. Think that statement's too harsh?  Remember that when you call the cops you are choosing to bring a gun in to settle whatever issue is at hand.

"Be the block mother, not the cop caller. That’s the path to neighborhoods that feel safe enough for everyone’s kids to roam."

Would you call 911 on another parent? - The Washington Post

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Resources for Passover

Resources for Passover

Praying you and your family are blessed as you seek to observe Yah's Holy Feast Days!

The Passover Story

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Conspiracy Anyone? - By Chuck Baldwin

Conspiracy Anyone?

I have said for decades that at the highest levels of leadership in Washington, D.C., both Democrats and Republicans are in collusion. At the leadership levels, both parties are working in concert together. The differences between the parties are only at the lower levels, where party members are more idealistic and ignorant of the conspiracy taking place above them.

Yet, NO ONE, not Glenn Beck, not FOX News, not Rush Limbaugh, not CNN, not MSNBC, NO ONE will allow any discussion on this subject. Anyone who dares talk about it is immediately censored or lampooned as a "conspiracy nut."

The latest example was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before Congress. is reporting that House Speaker John Boehner (R) and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), colluded on the speech for the purpose of providing distraction (cover) for the vote on congressional funding for DHS without any exemptions for President Obama's executive amnesty order. It worked perfectly.
Almost overnight, Boehner garnered enough Republican votes to help Democrats pass the funding bill. Now, with conservative Republicans riled at the Speaker's sellout, Boehner is counting on Pelosi's help to garner enough support from among Democrats to fend off any potential coup by GOP House members. And you can bet that Pelosi will come through for him.

This kind of conspiratorial conduct has been going on for decades. Plus, big-government, police-state elitists in D.C., get the added benefit of New World Order puppet Bibi successfully beating the war drums against Iran.

Iran and Syria are the last two hold outs among the Muslim states still resisting the New World Order. The CIA/Mossad-manufactured terrorist group, ISIS, is providing the West with the beheadings and such (even though some of the infamous beheadings are phony and not real. Plus, have you noticed that the U.S. media pays NO ATTENTION to the beheadings being committed by Saudi Arabia or Mexican drug gangs--beheadings that have been going on for much longer and with much greater frequency?), and Bibi is pulling on the heart strings of the American people (Christians in particular) by creating the new monster that must be destroyed, namely Iran (and Syria).

--And, no, I am absolutely NOT minimizing the persecutions and bloodlust being demonstrated by Muslim extremists in the Middle East. But even most of those would disappear if the United States would totally GET OUT of the Middle East (and the United Nations) and stop meddling (assassinating, bombing, sending drone attacks, etc.) in the internal affairs of those countries. (Have you noticed we don't send bombers and drones to attack North Korea or China or The Sudan? Why not? These regimes are every bit as evil--or more so--as any Middle Eastern country we have waged war against. Think it through, folks.) Our Founding Fathers were adamant that the United States should stay clear of "entangling alliances" with foreign nations. America has been foolish to ignore their counsel.--

All the while, the conspirators in D.C. also get what they want at home: amnesty for illegal aliens and a coming new war, which will lead to an ever-growing Police State in the U.S. You got to admit, these folks are really smart.

If the American people (and especially America's pastors) do not awaken to this devilish conspiracy soon, these conspirators are going to lead the world into a nuclear war, because Russia will not stay on the sidelines indefinitely. At that point, Huxley's Brave New World--and Bush's New World Order--will be a reality.

Oh, and what if all of us Christians are NOT raptured to heaven before all of this happens? Will we still be glad we beat the war drums in the Middle East? Will the likes of John Hagee still be regarded as a great champion of Bible prophecy?

But no one needs to pay attention to this post; it's written by a "conspiracy nut."

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses - What Could Happen?

Purim - Today and Everyday

I am considering the message of Purim today.

Esther stood before the king to plead for the lives of her people, and in turn he granted them the right to defend themselves.  I think that is important.  Not the the right to steal, murder, or enslave as some have done.  But absolutely the right to life, liberty and the right to pursue my happiness without inflicting upon others.  Live and Let Live.  Mind My Own Shop.

For all those who want to INFLICT their will upon others... consider where that places you in this story.  Because the KING gave me the right to defend myself.

This is about guns, vaccination, homeschooling, religion, speech, genetically modified food and seed, incarcerating non violent 'criminals'..... and a million other areas where EVERYONE has an opinion and many want to tell us alllllllll what to do at the point of someone else's gun.

This is about saying it is OK for 'someone' to kill but not OK to hate, forgetting that one is thought and one is thought IN action.

This is about those suffering in other countries because they call on Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, Jesus the Christ.  This is about hating those of 'The Book'.  This is about kidnapping, enslaving, torturing, raping and murdering ANYONE.  This is about teaching earthly safety in Christ, completely IGNORANT of the millions who suffer for Him around the world.  This is about turning your eyes from something that turns your stomach and pretending it isn't happening.

TODAY is Purim.... and tomorrow..... and in reality, we can call on the message of Purim EVERYDAY.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Leonard Nimoy "Live Long And Prosper"

Leonard Nimoy hand greeting: The Jewish explanation behind "live long and prosper."

Leonard Nimoy, who passed away Friday, sat down with the Wexler Oral History Project last year, his impressive Yiddish skills on full display. In the video below, Nimoy describes the origin of his famous Star Trek hand greeting: The Jewish priestly blessing, or duchening. He’d already revealed this in his 1975 autobiography I Am Not Spock, but the video is still delightful.

As a curious young boy at synagogue, Nimoy recalled peeking from under his father’s talit as the priests blessed the congregation. He described what he saw as “magical.” Years later, while filming an episode of Star Trek, the first with other Vulcans, he suggested a special greeting—and it stuck. “It’s great,” he said, “people don’t realize they’re blessing each other.”

Remember Those In Chains.....

Today Kent Hovind is in court (for the next two weeks it looks like) facing charges that could keep him behind bars for the remainder of his life.  Please join us in prayer for YHWH's will to be done.  I would hope that Kent would be released!!!  Hard to imagine a world where one goes to prison for life without EVER harming another person......

Hebrews 13:3
Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.

Philippians 1:12-19 -  But I want you to know, brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel, 13 so that it has become evident to the whole palace guard, and to all the rest, that my chains are in Christ; 14 and most of the brethren in the Lord, having become confident by my chains, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.
15 Some indeed preach Christ even from envy and strife, and some also from goodwill: 16 The former preach Christ from selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my chains; 17 but the latter out of love, knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel. 18 What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is preached; and in this I rejoice, yes, and will rejoice.

You can also write him at.....
Kent Hovind #06452-017
Santa Rosa County Jail
PO Box 7129
Milton, FL 32572

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hebrews 8:7 Speaking Of The Covenant?

There are many Christians who read Hebrews 8:7 (which has "covenant" in italics because it is not in the Greek) and see a covenant that had fault. There are two issues with this... the first is the next verse (vs. 8) says God found fault in "THEM," which means verse 7 is speaking of those with whom the covenant was made, not about the covenant itself. Second, and more importantly, if God authored a covenant that had "fault," then God is no longer perfect, He has error in Him.

By Ken Rank of Messianic Publications

You can see the interlinear here...

And you can see many popular translations here....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Prep of the Day - Start A Garden

Prep of the Day - Start A Garden (or expand an existing garden)

10 Steps to Beginning a Garden

10 Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

10 Best Garden Crops for Beginners

Quote du Jour - Hebrews 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 11:6

Thursday, February 5, 2015

FREE DR. KENT HOVIND by Coach Dave Daubenmire - Illegal Religious Persecution in America | #FreeKent Hovind Illegal Religious Persecution in America | #FreeKent Hovind

"I have to be honest with you. I think about it often. Not a night goes by when I do not think about it as I crawl in my warm bed beside my sweet wife of 35 years.

“Will this be the night that the black limos pull in my driveway? Is this the night that the SWAT Team goons bust down my door and haul me off to the slammer?”

I am being dead serious. I really do think about it every night because that is what they did to Dr. Kent Hovind."


FREE DR. KENT HOVIND by Coach Dave Daubenmire - Illegal Religious Persecution in America | #FreeKent Hovind Illegal Religious Persecution in America | #FreeKent Hovind

#FreeKent Hovind

#FreeKent Hovind - Please share links and blog articles to get the word out....
Blog Archives - Illegal Religious Persecution in America | #FreeKent Hovind Illegal Religious Persecution in America | #FreeKent Hovind