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Yes, You CAN Come To My House In TEOTWAWKI - Part IV

Welcome to part IV of our TEOTWAWKI conversation - Previously we discussed, Why You Can't Come To My House In TEOTWAWKI, Part IHow I CAN Help You For TEOTWAWKI, Part II, and Prepping 101 for TEOTWAWKI, Part III.

The End Of The World As We Know It.  Let us consider some of the things that could happen.

It could be the earthquake that our region is supposedly so overdue for.  It could be dust bowl conditions in the south that create near famine conditions in the US like occurred in the 30's.  It could be war that actually occurs on OUR side of the pond, just like happens in most nations around the world.

It hurts my heart to think that these things may happen during the lives of my children.  But I must be brave and honest.  I must admit that they do occur.  And I must plan ahead and prepare myself and my family so that if/when it occurs we will be, at least somewhat, in a better position spiritually, mentally and physically to handle it.

So in the event of such situations, or a myriad of others, let us consider that you have decided that your home is not the safest location for yourself and your family.  Let us consider that you are unable to provide the security you may need, or that you do not have a renewable source of water in the event of a grid outage. or that you do not have the land needed to grow enough food for your needs in the event of a prolonged systemic shutdown.

Here, my dear friends and family, I say, that you MAY consider coming to my house.  And for those whom I do not know, or live far away, you can begin to start the conversation with others who are your friends and family who may have a retreat, a place to gather and survive after TEOTWAWKI.

Before you all jump in the car and crash my party (or anyone else's).... there is ALOT that you must consider first.

Having been forced by conditions, and blessed by love, my family has lived with another family in the past.  This family is so very close and dear and beloved by us.  We have children that are around the same ages.  We see the same in most political and religious arenas and our differences were small and barely noticeable really.

But living together is HARD.

Consider your own spouse, whom you love and adore.  I bet you fight sometimes!  LOL  I bet you have even at times been tempted to raise your voice, throw a dish, stomp furiously from a room.

It was a very heavy strain on my own family and on theirs to live together.  Who was in charge?  Who was supposed to do the dishes?  Why did that person get up so early or stay up so late?  Who used ALLLLLL the toilet paper!?!?

Even in TEOTWAWKI, these human tendencies and emotional issues will occur.

So there has to be ground rules.  And these are the rules of my home.

1.  This is not a democracy.  My husband is in charge.
  This is NOT about some addiction to power, and megalomania.  Initially, for our own family, we made this decision based on scripture.  Ephesians 5:22-33 tells us that the man is the head of the household, as Christ is head of the church.  There is one captain on this ship.  I get to say my piece most of the time, and my opinion is respected and considered.  But he and he alone decides the direction our family will take.  Your opinion also will be listened to and given consideration.  If possible he will explain the reasons for any decision made.
  You may not like it.  But if you come to our house, that is the number one rule.  Before you balk too much about it, remember that this house and this land belongs to him.  We would certainly respect you in your home.  We will force NO ONE to come to our home.  We will force NO ONE to stay at our home.
  If necessary you will be asked to leave.

2.  You don't work, you don't eat.
  This is also a decision based on scripture.  2 Thessalonians 3:10 Paul stated quite clearly, "For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat."  Except for delicate little babes, everyone is capable of doing 'work' for their daily bread.  Elders may not be able to swing a shovel with much force.  But they may be able tell a young man how to build a truss, fix a leaking pipe, teach and read to the children.

The children may not be able to wrestle a goat back in it's pen.  But they should be able to do simple chores around the house,

and as they get older, tend to their learning and help out around in the gardens and with the animals.

NO freeloaders allowed.

3.  If you cause harm to others in the group, you may be asked to leave.
  Depending on the severity of your actions, and the likelihood of you continuing in harmful actions, we will defend those who seek safety and security from us.  Just as any danger from the outside, a danger from the inside will not be ignored.

Now if you have considered these rules, and still think that coming to my house is for you?  We better start making plans and discussing details NOW.  This applies for those considering joining with others, family and friends in their own area.  Their rules may be different.  Discuss it and consider it carefully.

What supplies will you be bringing and storing at the retreat?  It is no longer a matter of "Will you bring supplies?" as you are planning on bringing your entire family there for shelter.
What will these supplies include? Food, Medical supplies, Tools, Seeds?
What kind of labor are you providing for the upkeep and fortitude of the retreat?  Are you able to assist in strengthening fences, building long term food supplies such as fruit trees

or a fish pond,

building outbuildings and additional housing,

and run practice scenarios to ready yourself and your family and others who may be involved?
Will you come as soon as possible in the event of an emergency, or hunker down in your own home for a time to assess the situation before coming?

Because those who are our friends and family have such differing religious, political and lifestyle beliefs, there will be specific topics that will need to be discussed.  While it may seem common sense to some, it will seem complete nonsense, unnecessary, and even horribly dangerous by others.  These issues MUST be discussed before we are living under the same roof and trying to make a cohesive community.  Life will already be difficult and strained in TEOTWAWKI, and we MUST be able to rely on the safety of our group and our retreat.

For our retreat we would have to add some additional 'rules'.
4.  Parents are responsible for teaching and disciplining their child.  They may choose others in the group to share that responsibility with them if they wish.  Ultimately it is THE PARENTS' responsibility.  Deuteronomy 6:6-9
5.  Any threat to the group from man or animal, inside or out (as partially discussed in rule 3) will be dealt with.  Those who have pacifist beliefs may struggle with this when it is discussed and when the time comes.  However, we believe that it is our duty to the Lord, to protect what He has given us.  This does NOT mean we would attack or kill indiscriminately, "MURDER," which would be a sin against God whom we seek to serve.  Discernment is necessary.  Exodus 22:2
6.  You WILL worship and thank God.  You WILL do your best to keep His commandments and to keep the sanctity of our home or you will be asked to leave.   Joshua 24:151 Corinthians 5:13

Without an ongoing conversation, preparing and planning TOGETHER, you will not know what to expect.  At our home, or at your other chosen retreats, the rules, goals, and methods may be different.  By opening the discussion and entering it you will be able to gain understanding of one another, and find ways to work together.

Of course there will still be issues that come up and stressful relations could still occur.  It would be wonderful if we all saw eye to eye on all subjects.  But most of the time in life we will be clumped together with people who agree on some things and disagree on many things.  You weigh and balance and hope to find those who agree more, disagree less.  ALOT of this can be smoothed over by entering into it with understanding, tact and grace.

We would NEVER want to close the door to any in need, especially those whom we know and love.  If we can make this work, it could be a wonderful thing to look forward to in the dawn after TEOTWAWKI.  When all is lost, we would have friends and family around us, in a community that worked together.

All we have to do is look at our children's bright eyes to know WHY we can't give up and must keep trying.

So if and when TEOTWAWKI comes upon us.... Yes, you can come to my house.

Welcome, welcome in.


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