Monday, April 26, 2010

Prepping for our Community Garden Plots, Part 4

Last Friday we were invited to Meet and Greet, for the Community Gardens.  We met our immediate neighbors and chatted a little, received our passes and another copy of the Community Garden rules.  We also found that we were only able to get 2 plots this year, instead of th three that we had planned on.  This was followed by a question and answer time.  After 40 minutes of discussion about the shallow tilling in previous years and the new deeper discing this season, I lost interest.

BUT, my excitement about our garden was stoked.

In a conversation last week, my father, with years of gardening experience, strongly urged that I try to do companion gardening, instead of individual rows of vegetables.  Companion gardening is grouping vegetables and herbs together to repel pests and increase soil nutrient use, and even the flavor and juiciness of some vegetables.

So I redrew my garden plan, using companion gardening and within the 2 plots.

My father got a flyer from the local Extension Office, showing some good companion plants.  Many of my vegetable choices were easily grouped.

Sunflowers, Beans, Cucumber
Corn, Peas, Pumpkin and other squashes
Tomato, Carrot, Marigold
Celery, Cabbage family, Potatoes

While Eggplant and Zucchini were not specifically on my own list, I paired them with onions, celery and potatoes, just to try that.

And while planning that, my husband also thought of another way to improve our gardening harvest, skills, and utilize our LARGE back yard (which the landlord will not allow us to dig up).  We have SEVERAL 18 gallon totes.  We use them for everything, packing, kids baths, temporary fish tanks when cleaning our tanks, toy boxes.

After seeing a woman selling THESE totes with 1000 worms as compost bins, my husband got to thinking.  Why don't we just put drainage holes in them and plant some vegetables in them in our backyard?  Salad veggies and herbs would work perfectly.  And we would love to try potatoes and onions.  So I have a couple ready to go right now and am just pondering what to plant today.  I love day dreaming about my veggies. :)

Another thought that passed my head this weekend..... How To Grow Rice.

I was inspired to look it up after reading Robinson Crusoe.  And I'm glad I did!  It looks easy!!!

Now to get my hands dirty.

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