Sunday, November 14, 2010

Colcannon - It's What's For Dinner

My husband has been asking for me to make a special dinner for a few weeks now. I always drag my feet in these issues. It is sooooo difficult for me to step out of my comfort zone and try new recipes!

While what he asked for seemed pretty straight forward, I was concerned that.... it would be lack luster and a disappointment. What did he want?

Mashed Potatoes, Cabbage and Bacon. - aka Colcannon

As a meal??


So tonight, because I was slower about selecting the meal de jour, Aaron once again threw his request out there. I had all the ingredients... so... I said ok.

My son, 4 year old Isaiah, hates potatoes. I have tried many many different methods of preparing them. He accepts hashbrown casserole and chokes down anything else. Really. He even hates french fries.

He watched me sadly as I peeled the potatoes. "Mama? Are you making that for the family, and something else for me?" "Nope honey. Tonight we will all eat this."

"Ok mama." He sadly left my kitchen, but did not complain.

So I cooked it up and served it into the bowls and called everyone to dinner.

Isaiah took the first bite. And exclaimed, "This is soooooo good!" He devoured his entire bowl and requested that we have this for dinner every night.

It is EASY to find recipes online, but here is what I did.....

Peel and dice 2 potatoes per person.
Chop 2 or more cups of cabbage.
Cover in water and boil until potatoes are soft, (about 15 mins for me).
Drain. Mash with masher and some pepper.

In a skillet cook a package of bacon to desired doneness. Take out bacon so you can chop or tear it into little pieces.

Then pour the bacon and ALL bacon grease into the potatoes and cabbage. Mix and serve.

It really is awesome. :)

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