Friday, June 10, 2011

My Eyes Behold What My Heart Cannot Grasp

I have a friend. A dear sweet woman, who loves the Lord and loves her family, and serves both with all her strength and heart. A strong, brave woman who loudly supports the rights of women to birth their children as they choose, and feed their children with the warmth and fullness of the breasts that the Lord gave them.

While I have not met her face to face, we have written long letters, little text messages, and sent videos to one another. We have shared articles of interest together and shared stories of our children and our lives with one another. I have not seen my friend face to face.... and yet I am closer to her some days than my own family. We have walked many of the same paths, and we are both looking towards our Saviour and trying to follow His direction with all our strength.

And for the last two and a half months....
My friend has been held for ransom.

A gang broke down her door, and dragged her and her husband and her children away. They were told if they just shut their mouths and stop telling the truth.... They will be freed.

I can hardly imagine her children separated from her, and from even each other, crying in the darkness of night. No longer sharing the closeness of their home with the mother and father they adored. No longer can the little ones cry to their mama for num nums when they are hungry and tired. I can hardly imagine my dear friend, crying with the pain in her heart over her loss that is echoed in the aching of her breasts filled with milk for her babies that will be spilt and lost. I can hardly imagine her husband sitting and questioning God, "How long? How long will my enemies be victorious over me and mine? How long will they suffer for Your will?"

Because..... my friends have followed the precepts of the Lord.

While you may not walk the same path as my dear friend.... I challenge you to find fault with her, removing any guilt from her kidnappers.

They birth their children in the peace of their own home.
They school their children in the peace of their own home.
Their father works to feed and house his family.
Their mother works with her hands to feed and nurture her family.
And they both praise the Lord loudly while doing it.

But one year ago.... a neighbor called CPS. The police came with no warrant and demanded entry and were denied. And with NO WARRANT, they broke down the door and took the father to jail. CPS found NO FAULT with the family.

He SERVED his time in jail. And upon his release, he filed a suit against the department for Unlawful Entry. No Warrant = NO LAWFUL RIGHT TO SEARCH OR ENTER your personal property.

And instead of simply defending their department in court, or admitting they made a mistake and settling...
The swat team returned and broke down the door of their home and dragged off my friend and her children and her husband. And they were told, if you drop the lawsuit, this will all go away and you will be free. But until then, my friend and her husband sit in jail under the charge, "Obstruction of Justice" (ie. not cooperating with an unlawful operation) and their children sit in SEPARATE foster homes, not even with the comfort of each other to keep their little hearts secure.

My eyes behold what my heart cannot grasp.

I never thought this could happen. I never thought I would see the authority so abused and so deplorable.

I never thought that those who were appointed to SERVE and PROTECT would actually turn out to be those who SELF SERVE and DESTROY.

And that is what is happening.
My friend is destroyed. Her destruction is as poignant to me as the destruction of Jerusalem to the first century Christians.

My friend has been taken from her home. Her children carried away. Will they ever get them back? Will they be forced into public schools and indoctrinated like so many of America's children? Will they be forced to 'serve' another?
They have lost their home, and their jobs. They have lost their namesakes. And I see only a glimmer, or a remnant, of hope remaining that they will be reunited.

I pray that they have NOT lost their Well Spring. I pray that they have NOT lost their Spirit. I pray that the Lord fills them with an everlasting hope that does not die and that their lamp is never darkened. I pray that their name is not wiped from the face of this earth, but that they live to see their children and their children's children.

And I pray that the enemies of the Lord are brought to justice.

Which will not happen if the servants of the Lord are silent.

More information will be HERE shortly.

And my friend's personal webpage,, with her heart for loving her babies with everything God gave her.

Pertinent article on the recent TRAMPLING on our 4th ammendment rights.

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