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I Stand With The Hendersons

The Henderson family was unlawfully separated by the State of California and this page is dedicated to bringing them back together and correcting that injustice by alerting the People to the fact that the government is broken. To many, theHenderson's seem strange. Six of their seven children were born without a doctors presence. Five of them were born at home without any medical assistance at all. Six of the seven Henderson children have not been vaccinated. All of the children are exclusively long-term breastfed. The parents use elimination communication and cloth diapers to help the child learn not to soil himself at a young age and builds confidence . The Henderson children are all educated at home. The Henderson family are Torah observant Christians. They practice attachment style which also includes baby-wearing and co-sleeping.

This is nothing new. The Henderson's have been practicing this way of life from generation to generation. This highly publicized government attack is not just about the Hendersons. It is about a parent's right to choose what is in the best interest of their children. If left unbridled, the government will usurp every natural born right of every parent in this great nation. The Henderson Family is asking us to join them in this fight for our freedom. This issue is not about choosing a side in the large political spectrum. Its about who is the head of your family. Please hear the matter before deciding.

Jeffrey Pierce Henderson is a Son of G-d, husband of Erica Michelle and Father of Abigail Rose, William Pierce, Benjamin Frances, Joshua Fox, Wailon James, and Elijah Gunn. The Hendersons went through a fire and mudslide in the canyons north of La Verne California that left them homeless. They found a couple of organizations in Pasadena California that helped them get back on their feet. All was well until they obtained Section 8 housing and learned that only one apartment complex in Pasadena would rent to them. This complex is one of the most notorious gang infested holes in the San Gabriel Valley. The owner of this ghetto just happened to have recently moved to the United States from Afghanistan, and he was not interested in keeping the habitability standards outlined in California Law.

It got worse. The City of Pasadena stood by as tenants, including the Hendersons, were denied basic living essentials like heating and water. The City also encouraged the landlord to unlawfully evict families like the Hendersons for standing up for tenant rights. Lastly, when the court cases came up at the Pasadena Courthouse, even though families like the Hendersons won, the corrupt Los Angeles County Judges would either hide the victories or unlawfully overturn them on appeal.

On May 25, 2010 in the middle of another unlawful eviction, the landlord's babysitter made an admittedly false call to 911. She alleged that Jeffrey had slapped his daughter and threw her into the home they were living in at 614 N Mar Vista Avenue in Pasadena California. Pasadena Police show up under the command of Sergeant Jorge. Even though they had no warrant and no emergency existed, they busted down the door and made entry into the Henderson home. Jeffrey was brutally assaulted, falsely arrested, and held without charges by Pasadena Police for four hours. After they kidnapped, unlawfully questioned, and molested the Henderson children, the police would later admit that there was never any abuse. Jeffrey would go on to be arrested for detaining an officer, a misdemeanor. The police alleged that Jeffrey had no right to demand a warrant and that his refusal to open the door constituted a crime. Because Jeffrey's name is NOT Willie Lumplump, he knew better and filed a claim for damages against the City of Pasadena.

This claim for damages was met with hostility by the Pasadena City Prosecutor. He attempted to bribe Jeffrey into dropping his claim against the city in return for dismissal of the criminal charge. At the arraignment, the prosecutor refused to produce the charging document, refused to produce the discovery, refused to produce the plaintiff, refused to produce the injured party, and refused to produce the contract or anything that conferred jurisdiction. This unconstitutional circus was all allowed by the corrupt Pasadena judge. When Jeffrey demurred to the charges, not only was his order summarily denied, but the prosecutor was allowed to add five more charges without cause, and Jeffrey's wife, Erica, who had nothing to do with the case whatsoever, was summoned through the mail. You may know that it is unlawful for people to be summoned through the mail (people have to be personally served process), but the address the “summoins” was sent to was incorrect. Erica never knew of her false charges. Jeffrey and Erica were each charged with two counts of detaining an officer and four counts of child endangerment. The prosecutor alleged that the two counts of detaining was for the two officers at the door. One wonders if there were one million officers at the door, then could their be one million charges for the one act of denying entry per parent? Also, the prosecutor argued that four of the children were psychologically harmed by the police busting the door down, and alleged that the parents, Jeffrey and Erica, were responsible for the damages.

When Jeffrey tried to set a court date to have his written demur on file and heard on the record for the courts of appeal, the date was moved forward by the prosecutor. Jeffrey was unscrupulously not given notice of this change of court dates. When he showed up for the lawfully scheduled hearing, Jeffrey was arrested for contempt of court because he missed the imaginary hearing. When Jeffrey tried to argue that he was not served notice of the imaginary hearing, the court unlawfully imprisoned him. This is tyranny. In order for the people to be in contempt court by failing to attend a hearing, the sole evidence that needs to be produced by the prosecution is the summons. There was no summons. Why? Because Jeffrey was not summoned. The court proves to be in cahoots with the prosecutor and the clerk. They held a nunc pro tunc hearing for the sole purpose of depriving Jeffrey of his liberty.

Again, at this time, the corrupt Pasadena court attempted to force Jeffrey into a contract with the public defenders office. Many don't know that the public defenders do NOT answer to the accused first and foremost. It is a fact that a public defender's first duty is to the court, so if that court is corrupt, then you have a public “pretender”. Jeffrey was content to stay in jail as long as it took to clear his name. It took him three weeks to “write himself out of jail”. Using common Law motions that protect Californians, Jeffrey forced a judge to release him on his on reconnaissance, and then he would go on to appeal the unlawful practices of jailing him and denying his right to appeal.

Even though Jeffrey had a right to a stay of the proceedings until the interlocutory appeal was heard by the higher courts, the lower court proceeded unlawfully. In short, the corrupt Pasadena Courthouse attempted to rush Jeffrey to judgment without discovery, without witnesses, without legal counsel, and without due process. Jeffrey then filed a writ of certiorari to get the California Supreme Court to recognize the substantial rights violations during the interlocutory appeals process, but it would never be heard by the higher courts. On April 25, 2011, Jeffrey was arrested again for contempt of court, and he quickly learned that there is no justice for those appearing in pro per (standing up for common Law rights).

At this point you might be overwhelmed by the legalese and technical motions of the courts, but let me break it down to you like a sixth grader. If you were born in this country, you have rights. These rights are unalienable which means you can NOT loose them. You might ask, “What exactly are these rights that I can never loose?” Answer: All of them. The more intelligent question is “What privileges does the government have?” Answer: Almost none. You see, We the People made a contract with servants who wanted to be involved in the governing of this great nation. That contract is the Constitution of the united States of America. That contract does NOT spell out the rights of the People. No. It spells out the privileges of the government. Our rights are unlimited. They are and always be limited. You should marinate on these words for a minute. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Tenth Amendment to the contract. In other words, we have the power. They got the value of a peppercorn. It is unlawful for them to bully and harass us with their squad cars and unlawful searches and seizures. It is unlawful for them to bust into our houses without warrant and kidnap our family. It is unlawful for them to accuse us without cause and complaint. It is unlawful for them to try us without legal counsel and jury. And, finally, it is unlawful for them to imprison and kill us without due process.

On the day Jeffrey's writ of certiorari was denied, the Pasadena Police department, for a second time unlawfully and without warrant busted down the front dooor to his home and for a third time arrested him without cause. Again, their was no warrant and no emergency. This time, in order to force Jeffrey into a guilty plea deal, they also arrested his wife and children. He and his wife was taken to jail and his children were put into foster homes. At this point it is very important to acknowledge that the Hendersons had no contract with the State of California and received no benefits. The removal of his children and denial of Jeffrey's and Erica's right to have the children taken by family was Unlawful. There was no warrant and no emergency. Those babies would spend the next 99 days in spanish-only speaking homes, being vaccinated, denied kosher food, and forcing hair cuts, all against religious tenets, and not only were they denied the right to be with their parents, but also they were denied their right to be with each other.

Erica and Jeffrey were held in the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department with bail of over one million dollars. They were assaulted and battered by the deputies, and they were denied medical treatment and kosher food. They were unlawfully full-cavity searched numerous times, and deprived of their right to counsel and due process. After being held unlawfully for two months, all charges were dropped and the parents Jeffrey and Erica were released. There was only one problem: Los Angeles County still refused to release the Henderson children. To this date, the Henderson children are still being held captive by the system without warrant and without emergency. The judges that have ruled on legitimacy of jurisdiction by Los Angeles County also have interest in the case because they have accepted extra-payment monetary compensation from Los Angeles County. In other words, the judges who ruled that the county has a legal right to the Henderson children are on the take.

All allegations the government has brought against the Henderson Family are and always have been bogus. The government uses its battalions of wordsmiths to draw up laundry lists of hypothetical and baseless allegations and counts on the fact that We the People will not retort. We have protected substantial Rights. The government says the children should be born in a hospital. The Henderson's have a substantial right to have their children born in the comfort and safety of their home in the same bed they were conceived in. That is a parental choice that they made and no government has been given the authority to overrule that decission. Whether you agree with their parenting choices, it is their Lawful Right to have unassisted births at home. The same goes also for not inoculating, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and choosing to keep Laws that are thousands of years old like keep the sabbath, and maintaining a kosher diet. There is no Law against the Henderson parents being able to make these choices. These choices are ALL protected against government intrusion by freedom and privacy Laws that have been in full force and effect since the beginning here in these united States of America.

It has been said, if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. What are you standing for? Do you believe in a Creator? You do believe that people should have the right to be left alone? Do you believe that parents should have the authority over the government when it concerns their children? Do you believe that parents should have the religious right to not have rotten swine flesh and toxic poisons like mercury that may be the sole cause of autism injected into the bodies of their infants? The Hendersons believe in these things very strongly and are willing to stand for them. The Hendersons are strong. They will not turn from this fight. You can bank on that simple fact. There might be a time in the future when you will need a family to stand with you for your rights. The Hendersons would be honored to dedicate their life liberty and property to you for that fight. If you are under the impression that the government is on the rise, and not only are your rights being trampled daily but the Constitution of our Great Nation is is being violated, then it is time to stand. Stand with the Hendersons.

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