Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding Joy in Troubles

I slept peacefully as my husband got up and began preparing for work. As I slowly became aware that the shower was running, I started to wake and fed the baby. Then crawled out of bed with my brain not quite on 'GO' yet. For me, this is a very typical morning.

My husband came out, much sooner than I expected and told me, "There's no water."

No water.... What a way to start the day.

So he dressed to go out and check the well house, while I began preparing breakfast. For me, it was straightforward, and took just a bit of thinking. Can't make oatmeal, can't make pancakes. Eggs and bacon on the griddle. Then I went to work digging through my pantry for our jugs of stored water.
Here is where prepping comes in handy. No water does not equal an emergency in my home. I LOVE THAT!

Sweet, unshowered husband comes back to inform me that the pipe around the pump sensor is frozen. The heater in our well house just couldn't cut it, I guess.

So we sit and eat and he heads to work. The day moves on as usual for the most part. For me, some small things need to be thought out and arranged. A large bucket of water in the restroom for flushing. A small jug in the kitchen and bathroom for washing hands. I probably should heat up some water also for washing dishes, and for little babies diaper wipes. Nothing like cold water on a naked baby butt *CRINGE*. And drinking water in the fridge.

We're set.

The weather promises to warm up for a week or two now, so hopefully by the end of the day, the pipes will be clear and flowing again.

Like so many of our struggles lately.... we find that our 'troubles' are simply results of our numerous blessings!
We have frozen pipes today because we moved out here and are on sweet, blessed well water. (We had frozen pipes frequently in the city as well, but didn't count that water as so blessed. LOL)

We are nearly out of feed for our birds today because they are numerous and laying daily, healthy and strong.
The floors in my house are constantly filthy despite daily vacuuming because we have moved out and started the mud farm we dreamed about.

The sink is full of dishes because my family had LOTS of delicious food to eat. (Honestly I was washing them last night, past my bed time, but STILL more linger. UGH!)
The laundry room is full of muddy clothes because my vivacious children insist on going out to play even in this ridiculously cold weather.

But hopefully, you can see.... these troubles aren't really troubles at all. Just a moment to breath in and out, think about it..... and the perspective changes.

We are not troubled.
We are BLESSED! Mightily blessed by a Loving God.

Look at your troubles.

How many of them are true troubles with no hope in sight?

And how many of them are blessings that the enemy doesn't want you to see? :)

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