Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back From Vacation in the High Desert

Last week the kiddoes and I went on vacation.  We drove down with some other family members in the area, which was really helpful on such a LONG drive.  16 hours each way.  While I think it was worth it, I am GLAD to be home.

While we were there we ate ALOT of delicious food.  Like Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers.  Yes, they are awesome.  I do not typically eat spicy, hot foods.  I had TWO.  YUM.  Recipe below. :)

It was incredibly warm for us, since we are still acclimated to RAIN and sweater usage here at home.  So we went swimming at the local pool.  I was swimming too!  Sorry that means no pictures.  But we had a great time.  The kids were GRINNING so hugely the entire time.

We also went rock hounding.  The area has garnets and iron pyrite (fool's gold) that is easily accessible.  So we packed up and went trekking in the wilderness to see what we could find.

My kiddoes happily wore their emergency backpacks even in the heat.  I am glad they recognize the wisdom of being prepared.  It makes me proud.

To break up our very long drive we split it into two days and spent the night in a lovely cabin on the way down and back.  The cabin was small but very efficiently furnished.  I especially liked this kitchen all in one appliance.  It has the stove, oven, sink and refrigerator, made by Dwyer.  It would be perfect for a cabin or mini house.

The cabin was also located in the middle of a wildlife nature reserve.  It was basically a wetland, with many types of birds, deer, and rabbits.  It also had an unexpected abundance of another creature.....

Those are mosquitoes outside the car window.  We tried the vinegar spray (homemade insect repellent) but it made little difference.  I had deet, but hesitated to use it.  So now my children all look like they have chicken pox.  Next time, I will definitely use the commercial stuff in this type of situation if the homemade doesn't cut it.

While we had this adventure, my husband stayed home to keep up the daily care of the animals.  He didn't mind, as he doesn't like travelling and is a home body.  We sure missed him though.

Since he didn't get to vacation with us though, at least I'll be able to bring him a little taste of our travels.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers -,171,128180-255195,00.html

Ours were not made according to the above recipe, but I include it since I have NO measurements on my ingredients.

Fresh Jalapenos.
Cream Cheese

You can also add various other cheeses and seasonings.  We had cilantro and artichoke hearts mixed in with our cream cheese.  To each their own.

Blend your cream cheese with any desired fillings.
Open and de-seed your peppers (carefully as your skin can be burnt by the oils).
Fill each jalapeno with a generous amount of cream cheese and close.
Wrap in bacon.

These can now be grilled on the BBQ or baked in a conventional or toaster oven.  You want the bacon to be thoroughly cooked and the fats to soak into the peppers a bit.


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