Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Joys of BOYS!

I admit, I take it for granted most days.

But I LOVE my little boys.  I just read a couple of articles about raising these critters, and with smiles and some outright laughter, I was reminded again that boys really are awesome.

Civilized Not Feminized

Chickens Are Gross, Boys Are Too

My oldest son, 6, has so much energy and spunk.  I often don't know whether to laugh at his antics or give him time out.  His younger brother, 1, is already such a climber, runner, and wrestler.  They are a handful.

But they are a heartful too.

Already I can see in these young lads, such adventurousness and bravery.  My son would LOVE to go wandering in the woods with a mere stick spear, for hours on his lonesome if I let him.  I know that someday I will have to let him.

Right now my boys are young.  But I am grateful of the reminder that I am not just raising little boys... I am raising future men.  I hear so often now, "There are no real men out there."  What a sad thought.  Perhaps that is because society lost sight of the value of REAL men.  I don't want to make that same mistake!

What qualities do we desire in our men?How do we instill these traits?

For me, I hope my sons grow up FILLED with....


And my daily prayer...

A Heart that pursues God all the days of his life.

Not just my boys but my daughters as well.

How do we train them?
I think the answer is easier, and at the same time harder, than we care to admit.


Be a mother, father, brother, sister, friend that is
And pursue God all the days of your life.

After our children see that kind of discipleship in our lives, they will face every decision, temptation, and struggle with the fortitude we ourselves have shown them.

I pray the Lord remind me of this daily. My sins will be magnified in my children's hearts. I lean on Yeshua and his example of discipleship. May I rise this and everyday and live the life I want my children to see and learn.

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