Thursday, July 4, 2013

Founded on the Principles of Liberty

"In the early formative years of this country, men, women and children came here having to deal with the elements of a strange land, long hard voyages, hunger, etc. They faced difficulties upon difficulties for one primary purpose, to seek religious freedom. This country was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom of conscience as expounded upon in the Scriptures. From this foundation emerged a government that was uniquely different, based in Scriptural common law and comprised of men who upheld it.

Many came from Europe and England where the churches had a strangle hold on the minds of men and freedom of thought and expression was not politically correct or acceptable in the face of the State controlled church. It was controlled then much as it is today. The yearning desire to live and worship freely was a strong drive that took many away from the comforts of their homeland, in hope and in faith, to places unknown.

This was the driving motivation and desire of many of our forefathers, the Christian Israelites who settled this land. Today, in this country, uniquely and prophetically, descendants of all twelve tribes of Israel have assembled. As the truth unfolds, and as prophesied, they are beginning to understand who they are, their heritage and their responsibilities."

Excerpt from Christianity Unmasqued, pg. 144
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