Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quote du Jour - Hollisa Alewine

Study the Word, know the Truth and quit having all this intimacy with the false side of the thing. It won't matter who the [anti-messiahs] are. Your going to stand upright, you're going to walk like a human being; you're going to talk like a human being, and you're going to love other human beings with the Commandments...there is an anti-christ and a beast in every generation, the serpents are out there; it never really mattered when the prophets went to Israel and warned them that the judgment was coming who those people were; it mattered what Israel did. Because if they looked inside themselves and they repented, then that judgment could absolutely be stopped. But if I'm spending all my time chasing the beast, and I'm not dealing with the one in me, who will stop the Destroyer when it comes to my doorway? Clean up your own house. Start with you. You can't change the beast, you can't change the serpents, you can't change the harlot; just make sure it's not you.

Hollisa Alewine

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