Thursday, May 15, 2014

The love of many shall wax cold.....

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A group of Evergreen Public Schools’ children say their bus driver forced them to ride home from school Wednesday afternoon with the bus windows closed, which was a day that saw record high temperatures in the 90s across the metro area.

Reading the comments I am struck by one thought.... Society HATES children today.

Go ahead, read through them yourself.  A couple say, "I'd just open the window anyway."  Fine and good, easier to say since they were not a child on the bus at the time.  I've had some bus drivers that you DON'T mess with.

But most of the comments say the kids whine too much, deserve it, deserve much worse, snivelling, snot monsters, brats, a-holes.  Some compare it to waterboarding IN SUPPORT of the whole situation.

I'm struck by another thought.....

What if it was a dog?

In a car..... on a hot day?

Windows would at least be threatened with being broken, helpless animal would be 'rescued' and driver would be villainized including death threats and law enforcement might have even been involved and charges of animal cruelty or abuse would have been explored.

Please note the numbers on that graphic.... if they are accurate those children were potentially LOCKED into a vehicle (moving but with no circulating air) for upto an hour at about 140 degrees.

The heart of these people has definitely grown cold.

Chillingly cold.

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