Monday, October 27, 2014

Kent Hovind and His Like

After having discovered the Creation Seminars put out by Kent Hovind and available to view on Youtube, my family has been SLOWLY working through them again and again to glean ALL the information available in each one.  If you have not had the opportunity to watch the creation seminars, please give one of them 10 mins of your time and see if you don't learn something that completely astounds you.

Having been so blessed by his videos and the ministry that he began (Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis,, Dr. Dino, and very possibly more) I was saddened to hear that he was in fact incarcerated at this time.  I researched WHY Kent Hovind was incarcerated.  Feel free to read the numerous articles on the interweb.  NONE are objective.  Many deride Kent Hovind and his like (those believing in biblical creation) as dangerous, deranged and better off dead.  I wish I were joking.

Kent Hovind on the other hand has portrayed a beautiful spirit during all of this, looking at each step of his 'journey' as a chance to work for God right where he is.  He rightly rests in the knowledge that he is in good company.  As Jesus was crucified as a 'criminal, Paul incarcerated time and time again and every single apostle was murdered for the gospel, which offended those that heard it, Kent Hovind clearly rubbed somebody wrong.

Here however is another reason for many to hate Kent Hovind and his like.....

Note: Really loving this guy.  I pray earnestly that YHWH bless him and keep him and make His face shine upon him, and may his name be written in the Book of Life!
I'm pretty sure it is....




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