Monday, February 15, 2016

Are We Seeing WW3?

At 49 minutes he starts discussing the situation in and around Syria.  As a huge army gathers and marches towards Syria, what does it mean for the world, for us, for our families, for our nation.

Prayerfully consider. Is this bible prophesy before our eyes???

I know that He is coming to set it right someday and am truly eager for it to be sooner than later. But in the interim we are called to be wary as serpents and gentle as doves, never weary in doing good, endure, overcome, be courageous, be ready always to do good works. Amen.

Hal Turner Show February 10, 2016 WBCQ 7 490 MHz Shortwave and 95 1 FM New York City - YouTube:

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