Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cleaning Out The Leaven

Cleaning Out The Leaven: "Part of preparing for the Passover was and is cleaning out your homes of 'leaven'. This is not just a physical cleansing of your homes, although that may be considered a part of it. A 'Spring Cleaning'.
But much more importantly we are called to remove the LEAVEN, the false teaching, any area in your life that is not in submission to YHWH, and for the women and children, any area in our lives that is not submitted to the biblical head of the household, the Father and Husband in each home. Remove any footholds in your home and heart for the enemy. Remove bitterness, envy, discontent, fear. Remove SIN.
It is TIME to fill our homes with praise. At the passover meal, we are to tell the story of our great and glorious YHWH Elohim, The Lord our God, freeing our Israelite fathers and mothers from the cruel bondage of slavery. We are to seek and find the all the prophetic points about our beautiful Messiah, Yahshua Jesus.
We can also tell of our individual moments where YHWH has freed us. From drugs, from sexual sin, from hopelessness, from barrenness, from the bondage of the world around us. And we can start telling it NOW!
YHWH lives in His praise.
Let us fill our homes with His praise, so that our homes are FILLED with YHWH ELOHIM!"

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