Monday, September 26, 2016

Shared Patterns in the Book of Daniel

Our Land of Captivity
Daniel and other boys of his generation were led away from their homes and brought into Babylon as slaves.  They did not have liberty and freedom.  They had no property of their own.  They were not given choices in food, clothing, education, housing.  They did as they were told or would suffer the consequences.
Throughout the ages, we have seem many forms of slavery.  Most quickly our minds works up images of shackles, whips, abject poverty.  But the enlightened man has pointed out that even a gilded cage is a form of slavery.
Today, even in America, where we have been gifted more freedom than most have ever seen in their lifetimes... it is a gilded cage that we live in.  Many are unaware of their limitations, their metaphorical shackles.
What am I speaking of??
Do you own your car?  Do you own your land?  Do you have a choice in your food?  Do you have freedom in choosing your education?  Do not answer so quickly but research these subjects.  Learn why one must register their car and use license plates.  Learn why after paying off the entirety of your mortgage you must continue to pay taxes yearly on your property or lose it. Learn which of your grocery stores clearly label your groceries with country of origin, organic or not and genetically modified or not across the board.  Learn about gmo free and organic seed and the impossibility of preventing hybridization from year to year. Once you open THIS door in your research you will find it hard to look at our life the same.
We are not FREE, but are captives, albeit in a gilded cage.
Daniel was also a captive in a gilded cage.  Raised in the palace, fed from the King's table, and taught by the King's wisest men.  But make no mistake that he was a slave nonetheless.

Children in the Word
Daniel was taken from his mother and his homeland while still a child.  Many have estimated he was but 10 years old.
Consider your education, by the age of 10.  Were you learned and well rooted in the Word of YHWH at that age?  Did you have the strength and foundation in the blessings and promises of YHWH to rightly discern truths and half truths and flat out lies?  If you have children around this age, do they know enough to stand on their own if surrounded by those who do not revere God?
Likewise, the church today, is FULL of people who have not read and studied the word, writing it on their hearts.  When surveys are done, many 'Christians' claim that the Bible cannot be taken literally, that it is outdated, and that it contains blatant cruelties and lies.  A learned bible student could answer these falacies easily.  But the average church goer is a mere baby in the word, not even having the PURE milk of the Old Testament, let alone the meat of weightier matters.. (Hebrews 5:12-14)
Many also put their children under the care of secular teachers at a much younger age today.  While some do homeschool, or seek private and charter school options, most parents dutifully put their children in government run, public schools at the age of 5 and are CRYING OUT for preschool to be covered across the country as well now.  These children are not taken from us, but are willingly placed into the care and learning of the heathen leaders of the day.  Unfortunately most of these children do not have the foundation of the word from their infancy, and what little seed was planted is choked out by a secular, humanist worldview.
Somehow, Daniel and others with him, WERE able to stand firm in the word of YHWH.  I am sure praise should be attributed to his mother and father. But I would also guess that the Holy Spirit gave Him much wisdom as he continued to grow and seek the face of His one and true God.

Although the bible does not clearly state that Daniel or the others were castrated, we know that it was a common practice to castrate the servant-slaves under the King.  And we know the the man in charge of them was called the "Prince of the Eunuchs" implying that he was in charge of the eunuchs.
The reasons for this practice included not allowing undesirables to mate, and making sure your servants were focused on their duties/learning and not distracted by 'hormones'.
Some would be quick to say, "We don't castrate people in our society!"  And truly, physically we do not.
However we have become more aware lately that our young men for a variety of reasons are NOT becoming strong, grounded and what has been considered masculine throughout history.  Even the scientific community has now labeled it and wonders at it.  Peter Pan Syndrome -  Our young men do not want the responsibility of marriage and children.  They waste their time playing games, taking selfies, worrying more about their fashion sense and appearance in a mirror than their courage, honesty, wisdom and virtue.  They date and have sex without any sense of obligation.  They relish the bread and circus, without the faintest consideration of what it could be truly costing them and their future, let alone others.
We have a nation full of adult men who have no core foundation and pose no threat to any who would choose to rule them.
And our young women are no better.

Defiled Food
Daniel pointedly begged the Prince of Eunuchs to allow him and others to eat only vegetables.  He was very concerned about the King's table.  While yes, it was covered in what was considered the height of luxury for most, biblically, it was not food.
Likewise, most of our 'food', at the grocery store is filled with ingredients that are NOT FOOD.  Studying Leviticus 11, we learn what YHWH says is good for food and what is not.  Once you start on this study and path you will find with growing horror that our food is purposefully defiled!
We know that biblically we are told not to eat pork ( This recent study on hot dogs found pork in ALL of them except the Hebrew National brand and human dna in MANY brands.
Pork is also used in many processed foods that you would not even consider to be remotely 'meat'.  Pickles that not labeled 'Kosher' are actually brined in pork fat.  Refried beans that are not labeled "Vegetarian' are cooked with pork fat.
Imitation Vanilla flavoring is made from a sweat gland on beavers and is simply listed as 'Natural Flavors' in most ingredient lists.
Some beers are filtered through catfish bones.
Aspartame is the excrement of genetically modified bacteria.
GMO corn was found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate.
Regardless of your understanding of the biblical food laws, you cannot deny that our food supply has been handed over to unscrupulous corporate interests.
Studies have been shown that herbicides and pesticides and other toxins are showing up increasingly in our urine, breastmilk and blood.  These have known and unknown detrimental effects on ourselves and our children.

Food for Health and Healing
YHWH blessed these young men in the eyes of those who were in charge and they were allowed to eat clean foods.  And they were healthier and stronger for it.
Many are learning today that by switching to a Low Carbohydrate, Keto or Low Glycemic Diet, Whole Food Diet, Vegetarian or Vegan Diets, Juicing ( or Raw Food Diets that many of their health ailments completely go away.  They notice more energy, weight loss, and renewed hope where before they felt helpless and hopeless in the face of detrimental illnesses.  While on the surface these diets don't appear to have much in common, THEY DO! They cut out the main grain crops, rice, corn, and wheat, that are heavily treated with pesticides and increasingly genetically modified on a cellular level, containing actual poisons within them.  Many have found restored health by cutting out these three main ingredients in today's food system.

False Teachers
Babylon was FILLED with 'wise men', 'mages', and religious teachers.  But NONE of them pointed to the Creator God of the Bible!  NONE of them upheld the laws of YHWH.  None of them called out actual SIN.
Our society has so many talking heads! Youtube prophets, talk show hosts, mega church pastors, political figures and more.  Everyone pulling this way and that way and the masses running in the midst of this confusion.  This one says we must vote Democratic to show love to the poor man, this one says we must vote Republican to show love to the babe in the womb.  Neither of them caring about the collateral damage that comes with either choice. And history showing that their talking points don't even equal the promised action!  This one says we must support Israel without any stipulations, this one says we must support Palestine without any stipulations. AGAIN, neither of them caring about the people under these Men of War, the mere mensch losing regardless of who wins. War, death, hatred, and lies. Power and money ruling the world.

What other patterns can you see?

The word is a solid rock that stays the same, yesterday, today and forever. Read the word and when you do, find out what it is telling you about your walk today.

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