Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bicycling - MUCH Harder Than It Looks

I am not a kid anymore.  In fact, if I look at my driver's license, I am not even a young adult anymore.  Am I sad?  Not really.  Maybe I wish I had used my exuberance and freedom more productively, but all in all, I really love the direction of my life and having my dear family to share the days with me.

I have been so excited recently by getting a new bike and a bike trailer.

My husband and I have used the bike trailer in stroller mode and gone on some great walks in the park this last week.  But I was really quite eager to tow my kids around while I felt the wind rushing on my face as I biked the town.

So today I loaded them up  (with copious amounts of help and encouragement from my husband) and was off.  The bike teetered this way and that for a bit.  My husband laughed and suggested that he would record the whole process for the kids to watch someday. HA HA *growl*

After a few feet though I evened her out and was off.  The bike trailer really did beautifully, it rolled so easily, that I actually only "felt" the pull of it once when I hit a bump in the road.  The kids were content, sharing crackers and water while I did my tour of the neighborhood.


It was hard work for me.  I'm surprised because I can walk for hours easily.  Bicycling must use entirely different muscles because I was beat at 10 blocks.  I had to get off and push the bike the last 20 yards home because there was no way I could push those pedals anymore.  I know it will get easier with time.  I enjoyed it.  I feel great now having done it.  But WOW, I'm exhausted!

My husband DID point out I could probably bicycle SLOWER.  I guess, since this isn't a timed test or anything, I could try that. :)

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  1. I remember that well :) I have not been on my bike since last summer and everytime I try to ride it again im whooped the first time. I think you are right about it using different muscles!!!!!!! I am happy for you. This was a fun read thanks! I laughed about the last part about riding slower ;)