Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Attempt at Healthy Living

My husband and I are making some changes this week... month... year. Fortunately we were already headed in, what we feel, was the right direction. Garden, Exercise, Scheduling, Family Prayer and Reading.

Our 40'x40' plot of dirt is taking shape. It is taking us ALOT longer than we thought to get our planting done. But we are optimistic and realize that it is time consuming and labor intensive because we have such lofty goals. Currently we have 2 40' rows of corn, 1 35' row of potatoes, 1 35' row of onions, about 30 tomatoes, 2 25' rows of various beans, about 21 pea plants, 2 hubbard squash, 3 zucchini, 3' square of salad stuff (lettuce, radishes, green onions, cilantro, and arugula) and some cabbage. I think, "WOW that is alot." But we literally are not 50% done planting!!!

I recently got a bike and just this morning ordered my bike trailer/stroller to tote my kiddos around in while I get some fresh air. I am eager for it's arrival and my freedom!!! Of course, with freedom comes responsibility. So I will MOSTLY be using this as transportation to check my garden frequently during the coming months. A rumor has reached my ears that someone is giving my husband a bicycle too... and I dream of family bike rides at the park!

Personally, I am a disorganized laze about. I am NOT proud of this. So I have been trying to better myself and have been implementing some scheduling techniques I learned while reading Managers of Their Homes by Steve and Teri Maxwell. I was doing pretty good actually and feeling quite proud, until we took a "Garden Break." I really fell of that wagon and haven't gotten back on since! While it's only been two weeks, I see the consequences in my attitude, my children's behavior and my housework. So.... NO complaining. Get up and do the job right GIRL! :)

Family Prayer and Reading:
Our relationship with God is central to our family. How can I prepare my children for their futures, when I have no idea what they will face? I cannot. But I know who can. I know who loves them more dearly than I do, who knows every hair on their head, every thought on their mind, and every day that they will walk on this earth. So, I find my most important goal, is to show them where to go, and hope they go there. "Look child! There is the fountain of life! There is the source of all strength!" I need the same reminders myself. When there is trouble at my door, where can I turn? When there is fear in my heart, who will uphold me and strengthen my hand? When there is a blessing, who indeed has placed it in my keeping? And though I know I am imperfect and fail constantly, I look at my children as they clasp their hands at bedtime and we say, "Amen." And my, soon to be, 4 year old son says, "Wait, please. We did not pray for the boys.... or Samantha.... or Aunt Nessa.... or Grandpa Hans... or the baby in Mrs. Jessica's belly."

Just a little reminder what we're trying to better ourselves for.

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