Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gift From God


A new song wells within my heart,
As small and precious life within me grows.
Fear is melting, doubt no more,
This promise more felt than heard.

Has time changed the quality of me,
To a Woman, a child no more?
Daughter, now Mother, Love, now Wife,
My name is as changing as wind on the grass.

Now building creation, inside a womb I denied,
A miracle, a wonder, my mind a mute hostage,
To question, not ever, to fear, do not speak,
For watching and waiting for fruition to bear.

Have you given me my namesake,
An inheritance for my lasting joy?
Have you given me the place to dwell,
within your arms of healing love?

My song it rises quickly, slowly, strongly,
To praise your gift to me and mine,
May it never die upon my lips,
Except for speechless awe.

I wrote this when I found out I was pregnant with Isaiah who today turns 4 years old. Much love to my little man and the Lord who gave him to me.