Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh the fresh smell of dirt...

I am overjoyed!

A kind neighbor tilled my garden today! He asked for nothing in return, and in fact has turned down my every offer so far to assist or repay him. I just met him at the garden last week, as we stood and looked sadly at our grassy plots, both looking forlorn and directionless. We laughed about how well our gardens grew grass and comfrey, and how if we looked REALLY hard we could just see our onions sticking out of the wild foliage.

He said he would be back this week and would gladly till my garden along with his own. I was so very impressed with his kindness. And on Monday, I found that he had impressed others as well.

Floyd Willet - Local Good Samaritan

And here.... for your pleasure and most definitely mine......

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  1. LOOKS GREEEEEAAAAAAAAAAT!! Very kind of that man! So glad it is tilled for you!