Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I posted. I'd like to say I was on vacation or hard at work doing inspiring and amazing things. But... I haven't been.

I've been sitting at home with pregnancy exhaustion and nausea. And then... over the weekend, my two sweet babes came down with croup.

Over the past few weeks though, we have been able to accomplish a few things. We got our birth supplies for this growing bundle. I get them from In His Hands. They have packages, recommended to them by midwives that use their service. But after researching the uses of most of these items, I decided that we did not need them. I avoid the hospital to bypass tests and monitoring... no need to bring that home. My husband and I got a kick out of comparing the bills from our two children's births.
My son Isaiah's hospital birth that ended in a cesarean section, $24,000.
My daughter Reya's home birth, $35.

We also got some cast iron cookware. We purchased mostly the Lodge brand. And seeing the products we are glad we did. Sturdy, smooth and well designed. We've been practicing cooking various items in them. It is so much different that my teflon skillets. We haven't tried the dutch oven yet, which I am most eager to do. I might plan a camping trip JUST for that reason.

I also found a kindergarten curriculum book at my local grocery store for half price! I flipped through it. It has all color pages with activities in numbers, alphabets, animals, reading, and more. This paired with daily bible reading and discussion, educational games, and a unit study I purchased on farm life should provide a well rounded school year for my little man. I'm looking at some new opportunities for field trips. The zoo, OMSI, local farms, and an astrology club here in town have some great learning environments for me to consider.

My father also found me some unpicked fruit trees. So I have 4 boxes of yellow apples to clean and process. I am freezing up some apple pie filling and making some apple butter. They are so delicious!! I keep walking through my house wondering what that amazing smell is. It's those apples!! The family that I picked them from, said their children lived a little ways down the road and had more trees of the same!! So if I get these processed quickly enough, I might be able to get another round!

AND... my favorite blogger has just posted another installment, The Deliberate Agrarian
He talks about memories of his hardworking grandfather, a great yard sale find, and some painful connections between now and the great depression. I think he gave some GREAT and perfect advice on how to protect yourself and your family.
"Humble yourself. Ground yourself in the spiritual sense. Ground yourself in the physical, earthy sense so you can grow some of your own food. Stock the pantry. Eliminate debt. Downsize. Simplify. Make do and be content with less. Learn the various hands-on skills of self-sufficient living. Establish one (or more) small home businesses. Embrace the little pleasures of life. Thank God for His blessings...."

Regardless what the future holds, or the present for that matter, I am glad to have the Lord to lean on. It is good to know that someone loves us and promises "to work all things to good," (Romans 8:28) and reminds us to be "content in any situation," (Hebrews 13:5).

My exhaustion is temporary, and my nausea means there are lots of raging hormones indicating strong and healthy growth in my child. My son and daughter are coughing and coughing and have fevers, but they will recover and their immune systems will be stronger for it. I'll be peeling and coring apples all week (maybe longer) but my family will be able to enjoy delicious apple pies and butters for the next year. My homeschooling duties are right around the corner and seem overwhelming in my current state of exhaustion, but I should feel more like myself in 3-4 weeks.

So right now may feel hard, but the truth is, STILL, I am sooooo very blessed. :)

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