Monday, August 23, 2010

The Threat of "New Baby"

Since we discovered that a new baby is on the way, we have been trying to prepare our children for the new addition. My baby girl, Reya - 15 months, is having the hardest time. She cries and clings and say's "I'm the baby." I reassure her the baby is not coming for many months, but I know she doesn't understand. And even my son, Isaiah - 4 years old, has become more of a Mama's boy, saying that he needs cuddle time, because "I'm still a little boy."

So we are trying to focus on teaching the children that we will love them the same after the new baby comes. In fact, there will be even more love in our family!
"Daddy loves you, Mama loves you, Isaiah loves you, and the new baby will love you too. Our family will grow, and our hearts will grow with it."

To help I've been able to get a few things to share with the kids to soften their hearts and get them a bit more excited about the new baby.

The best tool has been an actual model of the baby in my womb. I hit 12 weeks last week, and came across this little baby.

Both of the kids love it! Reya has even been sticking it in her shirt and carrying it around pretending she is a Mama.

And on our last stop at the library, the librarian helped me out to find several books explaining the babies development for a child's understanding.
How You Were Born, by Joanna Cole
What To Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby, by Heidi Murkoff
It's a Baby!, by George Ancona
The books seemed to help a little, and at the same time, cause a little more stress in the kids. And of course I had to skip all the parts that explained that it was not a baby yet, and all the parts about Mama going to the hospital and being gone for days. So.... I think I'll stick to baby dolls and loving. :)

And I think I'm going to write a little "My Baby" story for each of the kids, describing the pregnancy, the labor and birth, with pictures of the key players. It would be more personal, and help them understand how it will affect OUR family better.

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  1. I will be praying with you. I love the ideas youy have about writting your own book!! :) - do not know if this will help for your family but I had my boys talk to raeanna when she was in my stomach and tell her goodnbight etc each day. There will be more love <3 I am excited for you!!