Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 Garden - Surprise!

More than a month ago I admitted defeat with my garden. I spoke to the master gardeners, I read gardening articles, I look at the farmer's almanac and the accuweather reports. Summer was coming to a close and my garden plants were too immature to really produce before the rainy season set in.
So I gave up.
I left it.
I felt bad about it too. I remembered a dream that I had just a week or so before. I was in my garden and the ground was blessed by the Lord. Everything that I threw to the ground, dug itself into the dirt, germinated before my eyes and grew to produce ample fruit. I felt that this dream was truly from the Lord and pondered why my own garden seemed pathetic in contrast.
I made plans to clear the plots after my vacation to Nevada. I made plans to read everything I could this winter to prepare for next years garden, in the hopes that I would not face another total loss.
While I was there I thought more on my dream. Was it indeed from the Lord? Had I somehow failed a test and lost that promise?
And for some reason... I thought.... what if... I just hadn't put my faith in it? So I made a decision, I would believe that the promise in that dream WAS real, and it would happen without any help from me. I had not returned to my garden for over a month. I did not water. I did not weed. I did not contend with bugs or birds. I did not stake or tie up the plants.
And when I returned from my vacation I would go look at my garden and see if the Lord blessed my plot or not.

All I saw was weeds. But I did not give up hope that easily. I got out or my car and began walking among the weeds in an attempt to find my once planted rows. And I found something amazing!
A hidden, bountiful harvest!
After removing some weeds I found onions, zucchini's, corn, peppers, and... what I had longed for most of all.... tomatoes!

They are not ripe. But they ARE plentiful and big!
So for the next week or so, I'll be pulling up the tomato plants to hang in my shed. They will then ripen on the vines. We will be able to enjoy a rich harvest after all.

And... just for fun I had planted some sunflower seeds. MOST of the flowers are the size of that one on the right! That will be alot of fun to season and enjoy!

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