Friday, April 22, 2011

Honey Do List....

My husband has been doing many projects on our new property. There are many we have started, many we have dreamed about.... and many that are half done. :)

Last weekend, my husband starting converting this very sturdy dog kennel into our beautiful chicken coop.

And on monday morning my husband woke up to go to work and fell back into his bed with MANLY YELLING (aka *anguished cries*) of pain. Something in his back seized up and he has been cringingly limping since. I really pray that he recoops QUICKLY!

In order to encourage this ;) after doing the April planting, I brought home some new family members.

We have about 2 months before the chicks are ready to be outdoors and in the coop. Join me in praying for my husband's recovery and a weasel proof chicken coop.

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