Monday, April 18, 2011

Prepping for a Homebirth

I keep a 'Birth Tote' stocked and supplied at my home now. This is for any future births I may have or in the off chance that someone around my home goes into labor and is willing to accept my supplies and/or assistance. For legal purposes: I am not a doctor and have minimal medical training. I encourage everyone to make an educated decision before accepting any medical advice from any source. :)

In my birth tote I have the following list of supplies....

* 3 mil or thicker Plastic (2 or more)
* Chux Pads (5 or more)
* Paper Tape Measures (2 or more)
* Infant Foot Printer (1 or more)
* Sling and Scale (1)
* Newborn Diapers (one sleeve with extras in storage)
* Witch Hazel (4 or more)
* Hydrogen Peroxide (1 or more)
* Umbilical Cord Clips (4 or more, in case of failure)
* Sharp Knife (1)
* Lanolin (1)
* Petroleum Jelly (1)
* Obstetrical Wipes (optional)
* Nitrile Gloves (10 or more)
* Bottle of Pre-made Formula (2 days worth or more)
* Cold Perineum Packs (optional)
* Peri Bottle (1 or more)
* Large Feminine Pads (1 months worth or more)
* List of Phone Numbers of Family and Friends
* List of Phone Numbers and Info for Emergency Services

I also have a well stocked First Aid Kit, which I keep in the same location.
I also try to have several clean towels by my dryer to throw in during the birth for an immediate warm and cleaning wrap for baby.

My birth kit is not prepared for a 'water birth.' But could easily be adapted.

Note: I am a STRONG advocate of breastmilk ONLY. However, for the birth kit to be complete, I needed to make preparations in the event that the mother was unable to meet that need for ANY reason, even just for a day or two.

I purchased MOST of my ingredients from In His Hands Birth Supplies.

I also like to have a nice bottle of wine chilling in my fridge to celebrate!

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  1. I can simplify your list:

    Go to Lowe's, buy a large tarp. Place your couch in the middle.
    When done, throw the couch away. No amount of tarp or drop cloth will keep it clean. $600 on a new couch is much cheaper than a $32,000 hospital bill.