Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby Wearing Joy

As you can see I love wearing my baby.  I prefer the sling wrap, such as the Maya wrap.  But when it is not available I will grab any large piece of fabric and tie it with the baby, in the manner of a rebozo.

While a Maya Wrap is quite spendy, from $45-80 from various sources, it is a high quality, comfortable, and efficient way to carry your baby.  When it is worn properly, your child is securely held against your chest in that wonderful froggy position that babies find soooooo comforting.  They can feel your warmth, hear your voice and heartbeat, all while cradled in a soothing womb-like setting.  And you almost get the full use of your two hands back!

I am really quite impressed that Maya Wrap also gives full directions how to sew your own sling wrap!  I really want to make a couple.  And not JUST because I love all the fabric choices!  I use my wrap everyday, even at home, to sooth my babe, give my arms a rest, try to get housework done, etc.  Having more than one would eliminate the possibility that I would have to go to town without it because my one and only wrap got dirty in a myriad of ways.

Other types of baby carriers are available as also.

Always check craigslist and eBay where gently used and sometimes brand new baby carriers can be found everyday.  It can save you a bundle.


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