Monday, May 13, 2013

Moment of Silence

With Gosnell's sentencing in the works, many around the US are speaking about 'abortion'.  Reading my own local news on the latest, him being found guilty on three counts, I am immensely saddened.

"Both sides of the abortion divide seized on the case. Abortion foes said it exposed the true nature of abortion in all its disturbing detail. Abortion rights activists warned that Gosnell's rogue practice foreshadows what poor and desperate young women could face if abortion is driven underground with more restrictive laws."

What they fail to recognize is that 'legal abortion' did not protect these women.  I believe that "Abortion is the surest sign that we are failing women miserably."  This case ONLY came to light because it failed them even by their poor standards.

And what they refuse to recognize is the 'abortion' always ends in death.

If instead of one minute (the common 'moment' of silence), you dedicated one SECOND of silence for each aborted child..... you would be silent for one year and eight months.

Yesterday was mother's day.  Around here people were giving cards and gifts and kisses to their mothers for loving them, caring for them.  I sat for one minute....  60 seconds and each second I considered....

1 baby...
2 babies...
3 babies.........

As the clock ticked, it felt louder and heavier and the impact was felt in each beat of my own heart.  It left me nauseated and weak.  It hurt.

Consider.... one year and eight months..... Tick..... Tock..... Tick....

And I remember also,

Psalm 139:13
For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.

Isaiah 44:2
Thus says the Lord who made you And formed you from the womb...

Isaiah 49:5
“And now the Lord says, Who formed Me from the womb....

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you....

2 Chronicles 28:3
He burned incense in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, and burned his children in the fire, according to the abominations of the nations whom the Lord had cast out before the children of Israel.

Ezekiel 16:20-21
20 “Moreover you took your sons and your daughters, whom you bore to Me, and these you sacrificed to them to be devoured. Were your acts of harlotry a small matter, 21 that you have slain My children and offered them up to them by causing them to pass through the fire?

Genesis 4:10
And He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.

Numbers 14:11
And the LORD said unto Moses, How long will this people provoke me?

Do you feel the heaviness of that ticking clock?  How must it feel to a righteous God who forms those little helpless babes?


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