Friday, January 25, 2013

40 Years of Pain

I must commemorate 40 years since abortion was legalized in the United States.
You all know how much I love little babies.  You all know how much I rejoice when I am pregnant and feel that life growing, swimming and kicking inside of me.
Of course, I understand how a woman can feel overwhelmed and afraid upon learning she is pregnant.  Maybe money is so tight.  Maybe the man in her life is not supportive or worse, is abusive.  Maybe she cannot forget her own abusive and frightening childhood.  Maybe she fears she will fail as a mother.
I saw a quote not long ago.  I can't remember it word for word, and can't remember where I saw it.
Abortion is the surest sign that we are failing women miserably.
It is indeed.
I weep to think of the suffering caused by abortion.  Not only the babe who is killed, but the mother who walks away so deeply hollowed and wounded.
Let us lift a prayer that we all learn to be more loving to those who are in need and bring an end to this act that heals no one and destroys millions.

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