Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Guest Post - Asriel Watchman - Phamakea

Where did we get the word "Pharmacy"? Pharmakea is a Greek Word for a perversion or Manipulation of Nature for Wicked Means, or using Nature or the Natural World against its designed purpose, like Psychotropic Drugs made from otherwise Medicinal Plants like Cocaine Leaves which treat Altitude Sickness being used to open a person up to Homicidal spirits as how the Aztec used it, smoking marijuana,which has 14,000 industrial uses such as making sails, rope and clothes, killing babies in the Womb through Abortion and Birth Control phills when the Womb and the entire female body was designed by God to Give Birth and Nurture Life, mixing plant/animal/human Seed when each is suppose to reproduce after its OWN Kind unlike GMO's which are totally banned in Europe, and Eugenics and many Fertility Treatments that involve surrogates, introducing Viruses into the body through Vaccines that the Body was designed to keep out, and implanting foreign bodies into the Human Body like the Microchip/RFID Chip that will hold your medical information under Obamacare).

In the Book of Revelations Pharmakea is translated as "Sorcery" and in Ancient times a Drug Dealer (licensed by the Govt. Or not) was called a Sorceror. They were priests of the Snake on the Branch Aesclapius (or the two snakes wrapped around the staff).

By Asriel Watchman

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