Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Roma - A History of Discrimination

All over the news yesterday I saw a little blond haired girl that they are calling Marie.  During a raid on the Roma encampment, the police discovered a blond child with a family who were obviously not her biological parents and their story of how the child came into their care didn't add up.

Reading about the inconsistencies of their story, I wasn't really that worked up that they were attempting to find the biological family of this child.  I hope they do, or that the child is returned to adults who appeared to love and care for her and no abuse occurred.

However.... Something about this story is REALLY digging at me.

The whole "during a raid on the roma encampment...."
Apparently, across Europe governments are cracking down on the Roma, raiding them, harrassing them, robbing them and evicting them.

"At a time of grinding austerity and persistent unemployment across Europe, minorities and migrants are facing a growing political and economic backlash. The Roma, blighted by poverty and living in squalid housing on the outskirts of some European cities, have been singled out for attention. An estimated 11 million Roma are scattered across Europe."

In Greece, their schools are segregated because much of the general populace protested the Roma children being allowed to go to school at all.

"Some estimates say that as many as 70% of the Roma population in Europe died in the Holocaust"

"Amnesty International, together with other organizations, has documented cases of forced evictions of Romani communities in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. "

Throughout history they were often mistreated everywhere they travelled, "subject to ethnic cleansing, abduction of their children, and forced labor.... heads shaved.... hanged.... ears cut off."

History isn't always pretty, but we would do well to pay attention to the patterns before they play out the ugliest scenes again in our lifetime.


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Most evidence points to the Roma people leaving India around 400AD.  They have some language similarities and definitely came from that land.
BUT they share no DNA with those peoples, do not share their religious beliefs and in fact, not being a literate people, have a strong oral tradition that very closely relates to the laws given the Israelites from Mt Sinai.

Cherokee Indians also have a strong oral tradition, have many artifacts which are written in Paleo Hebrew, include the tetragramatton name of god, YHWH, and the 10 commandments.


  1. Mother of 'Maria' contacts authorities and confirms the Roma's Story The Article also reveals that a similar case in Ireland that came to light this week was ALSO unfounded. DNA confirmed that the blond child was indeed their own.

  2. DNA Confirmed Bulgarian woman is the child's mother who gave her willingly to the Roma to care for.