Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Post - The Thoughts of A Midwife

I just helped a sweet little baby boy get born. It's 7am and bb was born about 5:15. Sometimes I think I might take a break from my bb catching for awhile. After all it's been 41 years this year that I've been doing this. It is getting harder to get up in the middle of the night! Also, it used to be that I moved around quicker and easier after the birth than the new mom. Now it's the other way around!! As I sit and chart the details of the birth, I'm struck by how utterly awesome it is to be able to share these moments with the family's that I serve. The new mom is sitting in a rocker after showering, eating breakfast prepared by her mother in law, who I also helped with 2 babies one of which is this new dad. The sky is just lighting up and you can see the silhouettes of the trees on the hills. Not a cloud in the sky. The moon is hanging low. The new dad is holding his newest son, wrapped in a blanket and the 4 older siblings are so excited they can hardly stand it. They are gathered around looking over the new addition. They're all sitting on the floor just checking the newbie all over. One of the brothers who is about 4 runs to get his cars and robots to show the bb. The bb is bright eyed and bushy tailed just taking it all in.

As I sit and think about how cool this is, I remember when the bb's dad got born. He was the 5th child and the first home birth. I remember the prenatal visits and his 2 older sisters who were about 6 and 8 and how curious they were. Pink glasses and braids. Their 2 older brothers were about 10 and 12 and they would all come in to hear the bb's heartbeat. They'd all take turns with the stethoscope. Since they've grown up and married, I've gotten to help them all have babies too.

When it came time for the birth, the grandparents were so nervous about this home birth thing. They wanted to come but wanted to wait in the driveway until it was over. Then they decided, well we could wait in the house, in the living room. So there we were. Waiting. Soon, the urge to push and I went into the bedroom to get mom comfy and ready to birth her bb. The 4 older kids were there with their mom and dad. As she's pushing and head is crowning, I look up and lo and behold the grandparents were in the room. I was kind of surprised as they were so scared and nervous about it all and mentioned many times that they didn't want to be there. When the baby was born and up on his mama, I looked up again and I will never forget the look on the grandparents faces. The grandmother had her hands clasped to her chest and the biggest smile on her face and the love shining out of her eyes. The grandfather had a grin from ear to ear and his face was beaming. Like light radiating from his face and silent tears streaming down. They were so taken by the experience. They couldn't get over it and afterwards we were sitting together in the living room again and they laughed and said how they were so glad to be there. What a marvel, he said.

So now, back to 2014, I sit and watch this man, that I helped get born, with his 5 kids, that I helped get born and I think, “Thank you God for letting me be here.” How could I ever stop? I know the world is a crazy stupid place sometimes, but God has come to redeem us. He's allowed me to see the beauty and wonder of His creation, and allowed me to share these moments with families and helped me to see the world with a different perspective. So, I guess I'll continue on for another 40 yrs. It's been so much fun and a true blessing to me to be able to witness these lives being lived. Thank you to all of you for letting me a part of your family. I gotta admit though, I do wonder how it is that time can go so quickly.  Must be true when they say, time flies when you're having fun!

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