Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shake the Foundations!

My soul thanks my Elohim
Who shook and shook and broke
My foundations that were built of sand

The pain was the pain of cleansing any wound
The fear was the fear of washing away
What would be left?
Would I remain at all?

My soul thanks my Elohim
Who roared and thundered and quaked
As my foundations slipped away

And as my heart pounded
My head ached
My tears poured down

I found a rock
A rock called the Aleph and the Tav
The Beginning and the End
The First and the Last

The rock that SPOKE the heavens and earth into creation
The rock that split the darkness and the light
The rock that bled for me

I found a rock
A rock testified in every word of scripture
The lover of my soul
The bridegroom

The rock that never changes
The rock that crumbles lies and falsehoods
The rock that breaks away the bondage of sin

My soul thanks my Elohim
Who bought a piece of worthless flesh
And now building a foundation of eternal stone

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