Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Homeschool Unit Study - Wilderness Survival

I thought this article "Be a Grown Up Boy Scout, The Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know," was a great starting point for an excellent homeschooling unit.  Not only would be it be invaluable for your child to know, understand and master some of these skills, it would be a learning experience for most adults as well.

With some preparation you could do one of the below sections with your child or entire family each weekend or on a schedule that works for your family.

After you conquer these skills you will have enough knowledge to continue your education in this area and seek out articles, videos, books and local training groups for more advanced wilderness survival.

First Aid
Build a small first aid kit and pretend to treat a couple of types of medical emergencies.

Some Ideas about WHAT should be in your First Aid Kits.

Online Training Videos
Basic First Aid Training Video 33 min -
First Aid Training Video - How To Perform ABC's of CPR -

Discuss importance of shelter, build a sheltering kit, go out in woods and build a quick shelter

Online Training Videos
Shelter Basic Tarp Setups 1 -
How To Make A Shelter In The Woods -
Walking in the Woods-Episode One-Shelter and Fire Building -
Kids Building a Shelter in the Woods -
Kids Build a Wilderness Shelter -

Fire Starting
Pack fire starting tools, practice starting fires with and without these tools

Online Training Videos
Walking in the Woods-Episode One-Shelter and Fire Building -
How to start a fire by friction -

Finding Water/Food
Pack emergency water/filter/food, go into woods and find something to eat and drink

Online Training Videos
Wild Food Foraging (Spring) - Wild Food School #1 -
Edible Weeds -
Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Tablets -

Basic Hygiene
Pack hygiene kit, discuss importance of hygiene, address particular dangers of uncleanliness, go into woods and dig a trench or hole latrine, practice the safe hygiene methods available

Online Training Videos
Hygiene Skills For the Outdoors -

Navigation Skills
Discuss navigational terms, methods and tools, read and pack a local map, compass, go for a short drive in the area and hike back.

Online Training Videos
Teaching : How to Teach Young Children to Use the Compass -
Wilderness Navigation Basics -

Here's to hoping your family has an AMAZING experience learning these skills together!

Need Supplies, Here are some GREAT Online Stores

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