Monday, March 17, 2014

Maewyn Succat - aka St. Patrick

A cute introduction to St Patrick
Maybe not entirely historically accurate, but will
help you start the conversation with your kids

Numerous sources included discussing the life of St Patrick 

A great overview of St Patricks life for homeschoolers with a powerful quote,
“I did not know the true God; and was taken to Ireland in captivity
with many thousand men in accordance with our deserts,
because we walked at a distance from God and did not observe His commandments.”

Includes a few more sources discussing St Patrick's relationship to the Catholic Church

It seems that Maewyn Succat was clearly moved and led by YHWH to bring His word and truth to people otherwise living in darkness and lies.  While many celebrate this day wearing green clothing, pinching one another and drinking excessively, let us remember the real man.
A man who suffered, was kidnapped, hungry and naked at times, and who ultimately found peace and freedom through YHWH, the God (Elohim) of the Bible.  And even MORE beautiful and amazing, was drawn by YHWH to RETURN to the land of his captors to preach the gospel to them.

YHWH saves... indeed.

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