Monday, April 14, 2014

Guest Post - Our Unblemished Lamb

"Yahshua never said change My Father‘s law. No!! To the contrary He obeyed and said, “do this in remembrance of Me.” The Last Supper was actually the Passover Feast that Yahshua remembered and celebrated with His Apostles in obedience with the same ordinance His Father has commanded us to keep forever.
This time however, circumstances were different. Egypt was no longer the oppressor keeping His people in bondage to slavery. This time the bondage was of a different nature and reached much deeper. It reached deep into their minds with philosophies, religions and other forms of worship based in the mystery religions of Egypt not allowing Yahshua‘s truth to be made known or manifested.
Although their bondage was of a different nature, redemption still followed the same pattern; a covering was offered for His people that they may live, a sacrifice of blood in their place and the power of choice. Now, as His people and through the exercise of our choice we are offered the very same gift of redemption by choosing to put His blood, not on the door posts of our house, but inwardly on the door of our hearts that we would also be spared of death through our willful obedience.
This time and for all time, Passover was different. It had been fulfilled! The fullness of its understanding had been reached. No longer would they be following a man like Moses they could see, but instead someone they could not see, the King of Kings!
Can there be any other choice other than that which offers life?
Yahshua was sacrificed after the Last Supper as the perfect unblemished lamb of all time. He now offered Himself as a covering, for any and all who would accept His truth.
Hallowed and blessed are His Sabbaths each and every one. The set apart times we are called upon to rest and to remember not only what He has done for us, but what He continues to do for all those who will seek, follow and obey.
The Passover, in the Old Testament Covenant commemorated the redemption of His people from bondage, slavery and oppression. The Passover still stands as a Scriptural command, however, the focus in the New Covenant or New Contract is redemption for those who willfully accept and willingly come out of the mystery religions; those who return to Him and obey His Law!
There still exists today the same elements and forces that existed when Israel was in Egypt. Only today‘s deception has been so acutely refined, you now unwittingly "request" your slavery and bondage (generally with a pen) while expressing gratitude to those who have put you in shackles." ~ Christianity Unmasqued, Chapter 6: It's About Time

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