Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last Night's Blood Moon Near Mt. Hood - Blaine Franger 2014

A photo from late night/early morning of April 14/15th of the Lunar Eclipse "Blood Moon", stars and Mt Hood. It took a lot of searching and patience to find an interesting composition that included Mt Hood in the distance, trees in the foreground, and the eclipse moon to all be visible. During the exposure, I tapped my vehicles brake lights, which threw some light onto the trees for an added element of interest. The lights seen bottom left in the distance are Parkdale, Oregon. These kinds of images are technically very difficult. A wide angle lens and long exposure was used for the overall photo, while a telephoto lens and fast exposure is used for the moon exposure. The images are then composited in the digital darkroom to convey what my eyes saw. Not an easy task to make it all look realistic because our brains are trained to see images differently than what we actually see with our eyes. Sometimes when techniques like this are utilized, the viewer says it looks "fake" or "photoshopped" which is true, because photographs typically look different than what we actually see with our eyes, and it's hard to break that mentality. Anyway, here's my version of what I saw with my eyes, not just what my technically limited camera saw  - See more at:
©Blaine Franger 2014 — with Alejandra Garcia.

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