Monday, September 29, 2014

Mark Biltz teaches about the appointed time Yom Kippur

I was JUST asking for some insight into the Fall Feasts and this video is just blowing me away. I have already had 4 OMG moments and I'm just about about a third of the way through it.

For example.... The Hebrew words regarding the Yom Kippur ceremonies discuss the inability to cleanse our own sin. They describe the scrubbing of our sins with acid and akaline, and explain that our sin is so deep, as if etched on stone and only YHWH can wash it clean. Having recently learned about epigenetics (you should check it out, it will astound you) I am in awe of this revelation.

I was also amazed at the insight that Passover was prophetic of our individual salvation, while Yom Kippur is prophetic of our national salvation (the nation of Israel, all those who cross over and strive for YHWH).

And, right as I pause it here to share with you, Blitz is speaking of the direct parallels in the Yom Kippur ceremony and the book of Revelation....

Yom Kippur will be celebrated around the world this Friday-Sunday (different groups use slightly different calendars). How exciting!

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