Wednesday, September 24, 2014

YHWH, God of Family

My children know and love our bible story book.  As we read the stories over and over again, I have had to add some packing tape here and there on its worn cover, a torn page, or as now, to reinforce the entire binding.  I will likely need to purchase another copy, because I just don't know how many more children this book will hold up to.

But I don't mind one bit.

I LOVE that my children take it to bed with them to look at the pictures, long before they learn how to read.  I LOVE that my oldest son, who now reads prolifically, can often be found in some corner with it, devouring another tale.  And I LOVE that the bible story book helps me to break down the story of the scriptures so that so much of it can be shared with even these young children.

As I shared with them the story of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, even I gained an amazing insight into YHWH and His word, one that I shared partially for Genesis 10-11 also.

YHWH is an Elohim of FAMILY.

He cares about family.  Generations, fathers, sons, mothers and daughters.  The bible is FULL of the theme of "Family."

The word constantly shows us that our actions affect our children, and it also constantly shows us that we are not responsible for the sins of our fathers.  Again and again the word admonishes us to LOVE our parents and to LOVE our children.  Again and again the word likens our relationship with Him as our Father and us as His beloved, sometimes wayward, children.

As I shared with my children, YHWH meets His child where they are.  Little children's prayer are welcomed at His throne.  Their precious little thoughts and tender love is cherished by Him.
No less the confused teenager looking for that personal proof of a creator, the nervous groom searching for courage and assurance he is on the right course, the young mother in need of strength after another sleepless night with a sick babe, the aging grandpa who yearns for his children's peace and salvation.

At any page in your life, YHWH cares about your struggles, your hopes and fears.  And at every moment, He desires to bless you.

All it takes is you to turn to him (teshuvah, repent) and seek His face.

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