Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kent Hovind Verdict Is In - What You Can Do Now

This morning at 10:30 the Jury concluded their deliberation. Around 11:15 the verdict was read before the court.

4 counts were brought against Kent Hovind. Three counts of Mail Fraud and one count of Criminal Contempt of Court.

Count 1 Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict
Count 2 Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict
Count 3 Criminal Contempt of Court - Guilty
Count 4 Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict

The Criminal Contempt of Court count contained two different charges. One charge was from a 2012 order and the other from a 2007 ruling from Judge Rodgers. Kent was not found guilty on the 2012 charge but was found guilty on the 2007 charge. This count was from the original 2007 case when Judge Rodgers forfeited Kent Hovind's interest in the property. The order did not restrict Kent from presenting filings to question this decision; therefore, Kent's attorney asked the Judge to rule that there were not enough facts presented to the jury to find Kent guilty of that verdict. The Judge said that she would take that under advisement.

Thomas Keith, Kent's attorney said that in a Federal Case it is rare to see anything other than a guilty verdict. While he would still like the Judge to find that there was not enough evidence presented on the Contempt of Court charge and overturn the verdict, this is considered a huge success.
On the one guilty charge, if Judge Rodgers does not overturn it, there is no limit to the penalty that she can impose. Please pray that she would show leniency during the sentencing.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 12, 2015.

For those of you who would like to help, here are a few things you can do.

1. Pray:
- Kent's Attorney is attempting to get Kent out of the county jail and back into a federal facility.
- That the Government will not continue to pursue the three counts that the Jury was unable to come to a verdict on.
- That the Gospel through the Creation Message would be spread with amazing effectiveness around the world.

2. Write a letter:
- If you would like to write a letter to the Judge on Kent's behalf. The letter should be addressed to the Judge and could have some of the following...

Dear Judge Rodgers,
Why you are supportive of Kent Hovind
Why you think he has spent enough time in prison.
Why having Kent Hovind out of prison would be a blessing.
Positive Qualities you see in Kent Hovind.

There is no need to address the charges or what your thoughts are on the governments decision to prosecute Kent Hovind.

Send the letter to the following address:
Attorney Thomas Keith
Blount Building, 2nd Floor
3 W Garden Street, Suite 200
Pensacola, FL 32502

3. Help spread Kent's favorite topic far and wide.
- Kent's seminars can still be viewed for free at You can post these and other articles and videos all over to help people run into the truth!
- Creation Resources to give to others are ready and waiting to be used as ammo. You should give some to a skeptic friend.

4. Promote Creation Ministries.
Creation is foundational to having a proper worldview. There are many Creation Ministries around the world who are standing on the front lines every day. They need your support. If you would like to support the Creation Message, Kent would be very grateful. We have set up a fund specifically for promoting Creation Ministries at Creation Today. If you would like to be a part of that, please call 877-479-3466 or visit

We are currently serving more than 35 other Creation Ministries in order to bring more synergy to the Creation Movement. Dad would be proud! :)

As always, Thank you for your prayers.

Eric Hovind
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