Monday, January 5, 2015

What Is Living The Torah Lifestyle?

This was such a great video discussion on What Torah Living means to these well known teachers in the Torah community.

I related so well as Lex discussed his first passover celebration. He said that he learned more in that celebration about the Messiah than he had in his whole life up to that point. And I agree SO STRONGLY! Celebrating the sabbath and the feasts opens layers of the word, both the written word and the Word made flesh, that leave me speechless.

Once again they urge us to NOT forsake the weightier matters of Torah, Justice, Mercy and Faith. Reminding us that we too were in darkness once and this journey is FAR from finished for ANY of us.

Published on Jan 1, 2015
In this panel, the gentlemen discuss what it means to to live a Torah lifestyle. How we should be reaching out to the Lost Sheep of Israel and showing our Christian family & friends understand our change in life.

Stay tuned after the video for our replies to our previous video panel discussing Holy Days vs. Holidays.

This will be a video that is shared that night (pre-recorded). Live events will happen in the future so you can interact with the panel!Join us for an online event featuring ministries across the Net!

Online Video Panel with four ministries united in Torah bring you a video presentation and panel discussing current events as it relates to the Scriptures.

Paul Nison - Torah Life Ministries
Lex B Meyer - Unlearn
Zachary Bauer - New2Torah
Sal Baldovinos - T'shuva Ministries

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